West Indian Girl Goes to West Point(e)..or so she thinks, and finds Naptown "picturesque and muggy" ~ Annapolis Capital Punishment

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

West Indian Girl Goes to West Point(e)..or so she thinks, and finds Naptown "picturesque and muggy"

In my ongoing quest to explore how people in the land of blog-believe perceive Annapolis, I have come across this little nugget from westindiangirl.com. Mariqueen Maandig, the singer in the band West Indian Girl performed at the Rams Head in Annapolis in July, 2005 (I stand corrected by an alert reader...it is that other place near Ram's Head...see comments below) and this is what she wrote:

The City: annapolis is, like most of the cities and towns we’ve visited thus far, picturesque and muggy. the one thing that sets annapolis apart from the others is that it is the home of west pointe and therefore, super duper republicanish. whatever, i don’t know if that’s a good thing or not for any of you readers so i’m not going to get into it. let’s just say i’m super liberal but my parents are republican and i love them with all my heart.

Whew! The previous shows were in NY, Boston,San Francisco, San Diego, Sacramento, Austin, Dallas and Los Angeles so I guess Annapolis really was "like most of the cities and towns we’ve visited thus far..." Huh?..and it gets better:

i didn’t see much to do besides play the show, shop for lingerie and hang out at a cool little internet cafe. but you know what? i am not complaining one bit. i really dug the city and hope that next time we come around i get a chance to go sailing.

Speaking of picturesque and muggy, I find Westindiangirl's mug to be picturesque. Too bad she did not meet CP who would have taken her sailing....after shopping for lingerie! Hey-watch it...this is a family blog. Maybe next time we'll take in the Army-Navy game and both get totally confused since West Point(e) is in Annapolis--right?.

If you look carefully--you can see she is at our popular local watering hole and performance venue--Ram's Head Tavern. Shameless product endorsement alert. I prefer the Hellas Lager. Note to Ram's Head:
please advertise heer
so I can buy more beer

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Anonymous said...

She's actually in 49 West

ellis said...

Dude... it's HELLIS Lager. Ellis loves the Hellis! LOL! Greatest local beer EVER. I get it everytime I'm there.

Paul Foer said...

What the Hellis????

Thanks for the correction....I should have been more careful. I guess when I am enjoying it I am not paying attention to the spelling. CP

Paul Foer said...

Actually we are both wrong..

Not Hellis
But Helles

From The Fordham Brewery Web-Site:

This Bavarian style lager is brewed with four different German grains to produce a deep golden color and intricate flavor profile. Three hop varieties are used to help craft the subtle bitterness. The result is a clean and refreshing lager we know you'll enjoy. Voted "Best Local Lager" by Baltimore Magazine. It is also available at area liquor stores in 12 ounce bottles. If you don't see it, ask for it!

Paul Foer said...

Ooops again...you are so right. Well I would much rather promote and patronize Ram's Head anyhow. That is not only where westindiagirl performed but I find 49 West noisy, dirty, generally unpleasant with only mediocre food...as is the owner...unpleasant that is...who by the way, in his own whiney way, has insulted me and Capital Punishment too many times....BUT YES...the picture was in the other place...not Ram's Head...where we enjoy Hellis, or Helles or Hellas or whatever

ellis said...

I'm a huge fan of 49 West. Sure the food could use 'some' work but it's very unique in an 'artsy' way. The way they present some of the food takes away any blandness it may have. My personal favorite is the chicken salad. It's made with curry and has granny smith apple slices. It's just perfect.

ok, now I'm hungry... heheh!

Paul Foer said...

Anybody can make chicken curry salad with apples. Try mine--I guarantee it's better than at that place, whose name shall not be mentioned.(try adding walnuts and grapes) Food "in need of work" or "artsy in a unique kind of way" might be fine for some folks but it sounds like a lot of hype to me. Anyhow, thanks for the comments.

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