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Thursday, September 4, 2008

What Do Michael Jackson and Sarah Palin Have in Common?

The above juxtaposed photos were originally posted without any text, except for the question posed in the headline. Almost immediately, CP received this comment from "Anonymous."

"So, what are you TRYING to say. Because what you are in FACT saying is that you are a jerk. Seriously, that is so out of bounds that you should apologize with all haste. "

Dear Indignant and Outraged "Anonymous"
I assume you meant your first statement as a question and you emphasized TRYING as if to say I was not successful in saying anything....but then you say that in FACT I do say something. ???.... You then say FACT and call me a jerk. Okay, Mr. or Ms. or Mrs. or Miss Anonymous, while you put words in my mouth (I said NOTHING in that post except to pose a question)and you call me a JERK (from your position of anonymity) you then say I should apologize. For what should I apologize and to whom should I apologize? What is "so out of bounds"? Do you wish to have a reasonable discussion or are you just satisfied to anonymously make demands on me and call me a jerk? I'll refrain from insulting you and simply let your words speak for you....if we knew who you are...but we don't. Feeling safe now?

Okay--here is one for our readers: What do Michael Jackson and Sarah Palin have in common? Or what do Michael Jackson and the Washington Nationals have in common? Anyone want to try? How about you "Anonymous"?

Next comment received:


CP replies: C'mon "Mary". That's not a fun answer. Besides, how could two people have nothing in common? For starters, they are both beauty queens. Second, they really like children. Michael has a ranch. I think Sarah has a moose reserve or a tundra field or something like that. That's like a ranch--isn't it?

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