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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What Is the Difference Between A Pit Bull and A Republican Mayor of a Small Town in Alaska?

If you said "lipstick" you might be right. As more comes out from Wasilla about McCain's VP choice, we can all rest thankful that at least she was not mayor of Annapolis.
The Washington Monthly, Anchorage Daily News http://www.adn.com/sarah-palin/story/515512.html and elsewhere tell stories of pressure brought against public servants, forced resignations and terminations and even library censorship. Oh, and of course the crusading advocate for conservative family values such as no premarital sex and no teaching of sex issues in schools has a teenage daughter who...well, you know the story...and the one about the state trooper...
But we must also now turn to America's most reliable news source (besides The Onion) and check in with The Daily Show to see how Republican "strategist" Karl Rove sees it.
What's the difference between Karl Rove and a hockey mom? Hint--it may have something to do with the word "PUCK".
What do the angry left and the Hanoi Hilton have in common? President Bush will tell you!
Learn about what the "cream" of the republican Party do every four years (from a bathroom stall in the Minneapolis airport)
Jon Stewart jokingly paraphrases Senators Thompson and Lieberman who attack the "Washington establishment" by screaming "When are you idiots going to vote us out of office?"
Now for the Karl Rove hypocritical, phony, useless lying SOS take on Sarah Palin see from 9:07 to and then hatemonger, arrogant Bill O'Reilley (starting at 1o:55). Rove is such an idiot that he thinks Wasilla is the second largest city in Alaska. I guess he never heard of Juneau, Fairbanks, Nome, Ketchikan, Kodiak, Sitka......(but then he was able to name seven other US cities larger than Richmond, VA--which is vastly larger than Wasilla...to attack a Democrat on Obama's list earlier....)

Then at 12:00 see hatemonger Sean Hannity show off his repulsive double standards. Then it's on to Dick Morris!...and more...until Newt Gingrich, who is at least an intelligent and accomplished man comes on...

See it for yourself at: www.thedailyshow.com/full-episodes/index.jhtml?episodeId=184082

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David Leudemann said...

Slow political news day in Annapolis?

Paul Foer said...


I dunno...you'll have to ask that of The Capital, The Post or The Sun. However, here at CP I posted four articles--two of local concern and two of national, international, global and possibly even inter-galactic concern. Does that make it a slow political news day or did you just not like me poking fun at our national Republican "leaders"? Thanks for the note,and of course we always welcome more detailed and substantive comments--or articles from you and other readers.

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