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Monday, October 6, 2008

Alaska-A lot of Open Space...and little human its governor

Matt Littman of The Huffington Post, poses a question about the still-unknown Sarah Palin, asking if she knows any Jews. It's a reasonable question, not so much because of its specific subject, but because based on what we know about her, which remains surprisingly little, many of us wonder what she knows at all beyond the bounds of her insular world. I joked that her name was really Sarah Palinski and she was descended from Russian-Jewish fur traders who landed in Alaska a hundred years ago. Some folks actually believed me.

But in all seriousness, does she know people who are not just like her? After all, part of her folksy appeal lies in the notion that regular folks see themselves in her. But if that is true, what exactly are regular folks? Are Jews, Blacks, immigrants, atheists, homosexuals, or any anyone else not just like her, known to her or even familiar to her? In other words, being an eastern-liberal, cosmopolitan, intellectual Jew, I believe that I know a heckuva lot more people like Sarah Palin than she knows people like me. She even said as much in the debate last week when she said she did not understand how people in Washington talked. Well I was born in Washington. Read matt-littman in The Huffington Post.

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Anonymous said...

I think I would be offended if anyone asked me "if I knew any jews". I know many people. But I tend not to think of my friends in categories, as "he's a jew" or "she's not a jew" nor would I want to start putting together a list of the jews that I know. And if I did put together a list, would I be judged by only knowing 10 jews, or 20, or would some criticize me for knowing too many jews? I wonder what is an acceptable number to know. And what if someone wanted to see my list and compile it with their list, and those of others, would we have a master list of jews? Maybe it could be posted on the internet and added to.

I am picturing my passing and my executor going through my papers, closing out my estate. Some old love letters from past lovers, some well worn photos of cherished memories. Then, she comes across a long list of names. "Jews" is the title. "Why was he keeping a list of jews", she wonders? The list is ontop of a draft speech announcing my candidacy for elected office. She starts reading "1. Paul Foer".

Paul Foer said...

Dear Anonymous: First of all, did you read Littman's article? Second of all, nobody is talking about a list or creating a list, but the question posed is simply if Palin knows any (in this case) Jews. The question is not being asked about or posed to you, but to the governor of Alaska and our potential next vice president. And it is not posed for purposes of creating a master list but this is a sort of a point of reference to pose a serious question about the beauty queen who would be vp. As I wrote "It's a reasonable question, NOT SO MUCH BECAUSE OF ITS SPECIFIC SUBJECT (emphasis added), but because based on what we know about her, which remains surprisingly little, many of us wonder what she knows at all beyond the bounds of her insular world."

It is not really a question about any particular American demographic group, but about Palin and many demographic groups.

I'm not so sure if I am excited that you'd have me at the top of your list, but if you do know me, call me to discuss it (you are writing anonymously). Similarly, I am not sure it's a good idea to spend too much psychic energy thinking about your passing or the items that might be reviewed and questioned in your estate. For which office are you running?

By the way, how are things at the Treasury Department these days? Do you like the "bailout plan"? Getting that shrinking feeling? Do they know you are writing to and reading blogs on gov't time? Thanks for reading and writing--regardless of whose dime and time it is on.

Anonymous said...

Percent of White People
Delaware (Biden) - 75%
Alaska (Palin) - 69%

Percent of people who should care anything about the above - 0%

Except for Paul Foer

Paul Foer said...

No you're wrong on both accounts. Paul Foer does not care what you have to say. However, in the interest of journalistic integrity, I checked the census data're wrong about that too. No wonder you are afraid to identify yourself.

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