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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Cookin' in an "RV" in Annapolis and Brides By the Bay

In another of our occasional series on what other bloggers say about our town, today we find this tidbit from the "RV Cooking Show" in which a pleasantly plump lady named Evanne Schmarder shares her passion for RV 'ing and regional food specialties. That's RV'ing as in driving around in a home on wheels that gets oh, maybe 8 miles to the gallon.

In this episode, Evanne comes to Annapolis and treats us to a real native food specialty--steamed shrimp. Yep. I dunno' bout y'all but I been all over this here Bay and fished and crabbed and I aint nevah, I mean nevah, caught any kind of shrimp you can cook and eat. We would net us up some of them tiny little grass or brine shrimp, but shrimp like you get in the grocery store? Nuthin' doin'!

She even brings on a real live Annapolitan "cause that's what these local folks call themselves--Annapolitans." They show a no surprises tour of the usual of Annapolis--the Academy, State House, City Dock etc.

After enjoying the shrimp we are told "you definitely need to have a bowl or your guests won't know where to put them, and that's a huge faux pas." You need a stack of napkins to which her guest replies "totally" and reminds us that "beer goes really nicely with this". I like these ladies more already, except for using napkins of course. Better to wipe on my Annapolis preppy tee shirt. I wish McCain would have picked Evanne for vice president. She'd know how to cook up the regional specialty at the White House fer sure. For appetizers, Taxpayer on Toast and Hard Boiled BS with stuffed middle class guts. For an entree, she'd serve the "Where's the Beef" with vegetables in place of brains, and for dessert, Economy Upside Down Cake. Oh, and the beverage? Your choice of Republican whine or Democrat Kool Aid with gas bubbles.
See the Annapolis portion here at steamed-shrimp.

I still don't get what shrimp has to do with Maryland, but if you like weddings in Annapolis, you may want to visit the blog of local photographer Donald Thompson who does business as D Bryant Photographers. He's quite talented, and the photos are nice, but CP just does not get the idea of young lovebirds being followed around our city streets for a few hours and stopping to smooch and snuggle so the camera can catch them in all these, well, absolutely natural and un-posed positions. But you'll recognize many of the scenes and if you like men in uniforms kissing women in white who are clasping bouquets, followed by a bunch of smiling women in the same colored dresses (none of which ever seem to fit right) you'll go for this. Speaking of not getting the part about shrimp, I also can't understand why people obsess about dressing perfectly and expensively and getting nice polished matching shoes so they can go running and galumphing on the beach and in the water. But then, I don't really get marriage or fancy weddings anyhow even though I am still married and had a fancy wedding. See: dbryantphoto

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Will Small said...

Maybe you just don't get all the snobbery that is the status quo around here. Maybe you're a humility elitist, galavanting around town in a t-shirt pooh poohing normal elitists. Pooh pooh back you that fails to appreciate the finer things in life. Why, I wouldn't go to the beach without a silk beach blanket to rest my linen ensconced fanny on. And there is simply no better spice than misassociation to wet the palette of civilized people. You wouldn't understand.

Paul Foer said...

You are right. I don't understand, unless that was a thinly veiled attack upon snobbish anti-snobbishness or elitist anti-elitism in which case, I do understand. Ohh, we are so post-moderne, are we not?.
Proper English dictates that one should write "upon which to rest my fanny" rather than to rest my "fanny on" linen-ensconced or not.

Furthermore, would one "wet" or "whet" one's palette? Or did we mean to say "palate"? Oh I must get off my high Palatine. Thank you!

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