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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Latest Poll Results....Readers Disgusted By "Everything" About Palin

In our most unscientific, unreliable, and ridiculous poll yet, 32 readers responded to the question, "What disgusts you the most about Sarah Palin?" and an overwhelming 64% or 22 of the 34 respondents answered "Everything-especially that she might become vice president".

Results are to the top of the right column.

Well, that answers that. Fortunately, the real, the scientific, the random, the repeatable and reliable nationwide polls (as opposed to this useless one we just conducted) are showing a consistently strong trend that appears to have the election locked up for Obama and Biden, so it is likely--highly likely that Palin will be returned to Alaska. At least there, she can understand how people talk. Wink. Wink.

That's why I wrote the above text in blue. Our next poll will likely attempt to be slightly more objective and fair.

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Paul Foer said...

To the troll named "TAX"

As I said before, you're done. Unless you are willing to identify yourself, I place no validity in your comments. Furthermore, if you cannot even bother to make sense, use proper English and spell words properly, how can anyone take you seriously? Why don't you start your own blog--or are you so afraid of identifying yourself that it just won't work?

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