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Friday, October 17, 2008

McCain Asks: Who is Barack Obama? We Ask: Who is Joe the Plumber?

I though the whole thing about this Joe guy got plain silly. Does anyone else remember the last time a Republican in a presidential election campaign relied on plumbers?  Of course, I think Senator McCain has a few clogged pipes and some drain-age and sew-age problems. The below piece is borrowed directly from

The Final Word on Joe The Plumber

Why the final word?  Because he is a fraud.  The media must really feel like morons.  They took, hook, line, and sinker from the McCain campaign.

Mr. Wurzelbacher told reporters Thursday morning that he worked for Newell Plumbing & Heating Co., a small local firm whose business addresses flow back to several residential homes, including one on Talmadge Road in Ottawa Hills.
According to Lucas County Building Inspection records, A. W. Newell Corp. does maintain a state plumbing license, and one with the City of Toledo, but would not be allowed to work in Lucas County outside of Toledo without a county license.
Mr. Joseph said Mr. Wurzelbacher could only legally work in the townships, but not in any municipality in Lucas County or elsewhere in the country.
“This individual has got no schooling, no licenses, he’s never been to a training program, union or non-union, in the United States of America,” Mr. Joseph said.
So he isn’t a plumber.  He doesn’t pay his taxes — he has a lien on his property for not paying taxes.  And he does plumbing work without a license.
Anyone get the feeling that Joe isn’t going to wish soon he had this publicity?
Oh, and by the way …
Local 50 of the United Association of Plumbers, Steamfitters, and Service Mechanics - the plumbers union in Toledo, Ohio where Joe is from, ummm, they have endorsed Barack Obama.
Turns out as well, Joe isn’t even a REP or DEM, he is a member of the Natural Law Party.
Enough said.

Now can we move on? Maybe to Larry the Label? The Maytag repairman? Mr Clean? Man from Glad? The Pillsbury Doughboy?  How come Sarah Palin did not meet Josephine the Plumber?

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Regular Schmoe said...

I'm still waiting for the Joe Six-Pack interview.

John said...

I agree that the media attention is ridiculous, but all political races will use some John Q Public at some point to make points.

But there is stink on both sides of this Paul. You laid out yours, now how does one explain that this was not at an Obama rally and that Obama was the one that came to Joe's town? Joe did not seek Obama as some have alleged. How is it that Joe was a plant?

As for his union representation. Again, I don't know but the Unions are as corrupt as any organization. I used to work for a non union electrical contractor. We could beat the union shops on almost any project on pricing. However, one electrical contractor joined the tin-knockers (Sheetmetal Workers)union because their rate was lower and allowed them to compete with us. So, while Joe may or may not be a part of a union, it does not hold water that he needs to be a part of the union that represents his area or even his trade. He could be a member of ANY union.

Licenses are like that. I believe in MD you need a MHIC license from the state to work as a home improvement contractor. THen to work in AA county you need another one. But you know, Annapolis is in AA county and your AA license carries no weight in Annapolis and you need their license. So a business person makes a decision if they want to work in certain areas or not. Think about it, if you were a fiberglass column contractor, are you going to pay for a fiberglass column contractor's license in Annapolis?

Paul Foer said...

We both agree it has gotten ridiculous--and on both sides. This guy Joe somehow does not seem like a regular Joe however.

Thanks for your comment.

Paul Foer said...

I am waiting for the Paul the blogger interview...I need my fifteen minutes of fame. At least I have a blogger's license unlike Joe w/o his license. As for which tax plan is better for me or not, all I can say is they all stink until they get rid of the IRS and make a consumption tax. I can't stand filling out the forms, hiring a tax preparer and paying that money to figure it out...

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