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Friday, October 3, 2008

My Two Cents...She's Still Not One of Us....

..and probably not one of you either. Instantly after the debate, the media started buzzing--no gaffes from Biden and no big screw-ups from Palin. Whew! Of course nobody expected anything that would happen would change most folk's minds--but only those in that small but important minority of voters who remain in that nether world of undecided.

BUT...still I cannot resist commenting on her remarks about Bush Administration blunders--well she got that right. Yet her smiles and winks....yuck! We're talking about vice president--you know--the heartbeat thing and all and she still thinks she is a cheerleader--a beauty queen! See, Bob--that's why it's not a personal attack--she is trying to use that.

She smiles. She speaks in vague platitudes. She talks about how she does not understand Washington-as if we did not know that already. Drill here. Drill now. Pay Less.

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Anonymous said...

Sarah knocked it out of the ballpark. Obama-Biden have some catching up to do at the polls!

Anonymous said...


The fact that your analysis of the debate is focused on the fact that Palin winked is proof of how small minded your thinking is.

Bob McWilliams

Paul Foer said...

Uhh...I don't think so. You need to take a look at all the polls. Former so-called "battleground" states such as NM, MI, NH, VA, PA and NC are all leaning heavily toward Obama. Most national polls are showing the Dems electoral votes above 300. Of course polls could be wrong--but all of them?

Paul Foer said...

Yes Bob:

No doubt about my small-mindedness. After all, I can only look out across the Gulf of Eastport and see Annapolis while Sarah can look across the sea and spot Russia. Geeze-I must really get under my skin. Of course, that's a lot easier than getting in to your head. Glad to entertain you!
Oh, and wink, wink Bob!

Anonymous said...

As usual, no thinking, no discussion of the issues - just personal attacks.

Do you have any thoughts that go beyond your juvinile responses.

There are real issues here. Do we want bigger government, more taxes or less? How can we rejuvinate our economy? What is the best way to proceed with our role in the word? There are real choices in this election.

Instead, you waste your time with an almost irrational focus on the irrelevant.

I believe you think deeply about the issues. It's too bad all that thought is wasted with a child like hatred of anyone who has a different point of view.

Bob McWilliams

Paul Foer said...

You are absolutely right Bob. And that's why you keep paying so much attention to everything I write. I do the same for your comments which is why I noticed that while you were telling me to remake CP and grow up, you misspelled rejuvenate and juvenile. How ironic.

Look Bob-all of a sudden you are so concerned and so upset about what I am doing. What's up with that? I must really be bugging you--or perhaps you attribute a lot power and influence to me.

I've written hundreds and hundreds of posts. Some are serious. Some are not so serious,and I often have a biting, if not caustic sense of humor, but Sarah Palin for vice president? It's the biggest joke foisted upon us since Dan Quayle. I'm just stretching it out.

Instead of just sending comments to different bloggers all day long--go write your own blog. And by the way, thanks for saying that you "believe I think deeply about the issues." I like deep thinkers--even conservatives and Republicans. They're just so hard to unearth these days. Sarah Palin and her ilk have turned ignorance and lack of sophistication and education into a badge of honor.

I'm not a hater Bob. I wish you'd stop accusing me of that. I find that the hyperconservative bloggers are often making such projections. I leave the hating to them.

Anonymous said...

Next time I need a spell checker, I'll post on your blog.

Next time I need some thoughtful debate, I'll go elsewhere.

Bob McWilliams

Paul Foer said...

Okay. I guess I never understood that you wanted to engage in thoughtful debate. I just saw a whole lot of offensive and personal attacks against me because you disagree with me. Those hateful attacks were coupled with you saying I have "a child like hatred of anyone who has a different point of view." But why did it take you so long after calling me "small-minded", "juvenile", "irrational", "irrelevant" etc. before you realized you should take your need for debate elsewhere?

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