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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Wild Coyote in Hillsmere?

According to a parent of a Key School student, as of 5 pm Tuesday, although I cannot confirm it, a coyote is on the loose in Hillsmere and the school has been locked down. Yup--a coyote. This is indeed an odd story. A coyote? Again, CP cannot confirm this, but it has been reported by a Key School parent. Ahhhh...wwooooooooo... call of the wild in our own backyard.

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Regular Schmoe said...

The Roadrunner has also been spotted in the area; people should remove all bird feeders.

Paul Foer said...

meep meep....meep meep.....yeah, but what about an Acme truck?

John said...

It was yesterday:

October 6, 2008

We want you to know that we had cause to limit outside activity for the students for a brief period this afternoon. This incident was initiated by a phone call we received from a neighbor alerting us to a rabid coyote spotted on West Bay View Drive. We called Animal Control who agreed to dispatch an officer. In a follow-up call with the neighbor we learned that the animal appears to be remaining in the vicinity of West Bay View, near the Hillsmere beach playground. With this in mind, the decision was made to allow the children to change buildings for classes. School personnel and facilities staff will remain in touch with neighbors and Animal Control so as to continue to make informed decisions. We have alerted all faculty and staff and asked them to convey to the children, as age appropriate, that we erred on the s ide of caution and that there is no cause for worry. A decision regarding after school use of the beach field will be forthcoming.

John said...

My bet---grey fox!

John said...

Or it could have been that attractive woman that I saw jogging....hmmmm

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