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Monday, November 17, 2008

Andy Harris' Web-Site: Still No Thanks/No Congratulations

It has been two weeks since the election and at least a week since the official concession. One would think that by now Andy Harris might have posted a thank you to supporters and a congratulatory note to Frank Kratovil. We always knew that graciousness was not his strong point. There but for the grace of  Andy goes God (did I get that right?).  Let us all reflect how his emphasis on turning "liberal" into a dirty word has been repudiated by the people.

See for yourself at:

Kratovil, who seemed to have taken the high road while campaigning, and as might be expected of the winner, did write a note on his web-site (items in bold are my emphasis):

 Dear Friends,

For more than a year and a half I have traveled throughout the region listening to the thoughts, concerns and ideas of the families that make up Maryland's First Congressional District. This race was not about Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative, it was about protecting our Bay, securing the middle class, and preserving the quality of life that folks in this part of Maryland come to cherish. Now, with the race at its end, I am honored and humbled that the voters of the First District have entrusted me to become their next Representative in Washington.
I go to Congress not to represent a party, a President, or a narrow ideology, but to represent you, my neighbors from across this district. From fixing our ailing economy to launching an energy revolution, the challenges before us are great. Meeting these challenges will require leaders with the courage to set partisanship aside and work across party lines for the greater good. In the weeks ahead, I look forward to working closely with Congressman Gilchrest and his staff to ensure a smooth transition on behalf of the residents of the first District. Thank you for your support and friendship.
Frank Kratovil
That sounds like a class act to me. He's reaching out to reassure the large portion of voters who did not choose him, and he's also carefully showing why Harris was rejected. Let us hope that he does represent our interests, help launch an energy revolution and protect the Bay as he said. As for the other congressman that represents most of our readers, we know that John Sarbanes has remained popular and in frequent contact with his constituents and he now enters his second term. Steny Hoyer, again easily re-elected, solidifies his power base in Washington. If the even larger national and now state Democratic majority cannot move a positive agenda through Congress in the next couple years....well, let's just hope for the best.

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bud said...

Andy Harris thought he was entitled to this. He simply cannot fathom that voters rejected him. After the primary, he assumed it was game over. Sometimes, cockiness turns out to be the main ingredient in humble pie.

Now, he's privately telling supporters he may run again. Clearly, the man just doesn't get it.

Paul Foer said...

Thanks Bud I appreciate the comment and I have followed what you have been writing about the race as well. Sen. Harris does not get global warming or sea level rise, either, as I witnessed in a hearing. He was rude and ignored the testimony of three very distinguished scientists who came to the hearing while fiddling around and sipping his coke. He proceeded to grill them about whether sea level will rise one inch or three inches or whatever and missed the whole point....which for a guy representing the low-lying and threatened Eastern Shore....was baaaad. Not to mention the fact that he is a scientist....a physician. He needs to heal himself.

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