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Friday, December 19, 2008

City Manager Part Two: Mike Malinoff- and Newport

Mike Malinoff was appointed by Mayor Moyer to be the first director of the Department of Neighborhood and Environmental Protection (DNEP). He had been the city manager for Newport, RI. and his salary began at $80,000 in 1995. It rose to $96,000 in 2002. Here is how Newport Mayor Rodericks described Malinoff to The Newport Daily News, when he was chosen out of 93 applicants, of which only six were interviewed:

"He comes across as a very dynamic individuals. He has a wide experience in areas that were important to us. We want to have more of a quality management approach to City Hall staff."

The News discussed our two cities, similarly to what CP has done before at: Annapolis Capital Punishment: Let's Squawk Annapolis: and here Annapolis Capital Punishment: Newport : City Manager , Annapolis ... . The News continued:

Malinoff comes to Newport from a waterfront community of similar size with many of the same concerns. Annapolis, a city with a population of about 34,000, has a $29 million operating budget. Newport has a population of about 29,000 and a $44 million annual operating budget.

Whoa! Stop presses--our budget is now $81 million! Newport's budget for 2008-09 is just under $77 million BUT it includes about $23 million for its school system. So, Newport's budget rises from $44 million in 1995 to $77 million today, including about 30 percent for its schools, while the Annapolis budget SKYROCKETS from $29 million to $81 million, or almost triples in the same period. In 2007, Newport also had about 800 employees, but that also included the school system. The article concludes with a quote from council member B Mitchell Simpson lll:

"The city manager works for the City Council. He will serve at the pleasure of the City Council."

Indeed. This is something all Annapolitans need to understand. And this is why the current mayor and those wannabe mayors oppose this form of government. Consider that Malinoff now earns in excess of $100,000 per year as do all department heads--and to remind you again, he earns more than does our mayor and city administrator--his supposed supervisor.

Soon after assuming his Newport position, Malinoff acted quickly and decisively to freeze spending to avert a deficit. Mr. Malinoff might make a viable candidate for our city manager job--except for one glaring problem--he is too politically involved here. And there again we see an important reason for hiring a city manager--from outside, with no connection to Annapolis and based on his or her experience--elsewhere. After all, if we elect a mayor to lead, that is what a mayor should do. Let a manager manage. How many people interested in running and serving as mayor can both lead and manage? How many people in our city are qualified to do both? On the other hand, we will conduct a national search for a city manager, as did Newport, and bring in competency without political intrigue.

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