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Monday, December 1, 2008

CP Readers: Recession-Yes! Depression No.

The holiday brought about a drop in readership and our total poll respondents who were asked, "How Do You Describe Our Economic Situation?". Most readers responded that we are in a recession, rather than a depression:

Recession. I have a job 15 (62%)

Depression. I don't have a job. 1 (4%)

Worse than 1929. 2 (8%)

Not too bad. 6 (25%)

No problem. I'm a bank exec. 0 (0%)

I guess if we learned anything from this poll, it's that we don't have any bank executives who read CP. However, I know at least one that does, so either he did not vote or he sort of fudged his answer. Come to think of it, how many readers would have remembered 1929 anyway? Oh well, we'll think up another poll soon! Stay tuned. Remember--these are neither random or scientific. The margin of error is.....incalculable..or at least darn high. If I were an economist, I would now be saying "But on the other hand...".

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