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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Newport Rhode Island and Annapolis....More In Common Than Even We Thought

In our occasional series about the similarities between these two historic, sailing meccas we report that their recent city council meeting seems a lot like a meeting we would hold. The big deal is a controversy about a bar wanting to loosen up some drinking restrictions while condo owners, some of whom "came from Florida, New York and other states to plead with the council to deny the application" complained of "rowdiness on Waite’s Wharf that they said included sex, urinating and defecating."

The Newport Daily News writes that "the condominiums were built under an exception to the zoning law, and that the owners knew they were moving next to a waterfront business district with bars when they bought their condos." Ah hah! Out of state, wealthy owners of second-homes are trying to keep people from drinking! The loosening of restrictions passed. Pity the poor condo owners.

In other news, free parking was approved for the holiday season in a downtown lot, the city
established a Newport-Kinsale, Ireland Sister City 10th Anniversary Committee, the council approved a resolution naming Wednesday, Dec. 10, “Housing Authority Summer Youth Program Day” and a lease was approved for a brewery across from the wastewater plant. Hmmmm.

Just like Annapolis! Except Newport adopted a city manager form of government and we are still debating it.

See: newportdailynews for the complete story. (This newspaper quickly archives stories making them only available to subscribers--for a least The Capital does not do that--yet.)

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