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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Coven of Evildoers On A Not Very Swift Boat...

There appears to be some rather distasteful and downright disgusting smearing going on this election season, but one candidate in particular has been the victim of what I believe is an orchestrated campaign, and one that may reach to not only some in the Democratic leadership, but perhaps to City Hall as well. We all know how our mayor, at our expense, has minions of loyal contractors and even department heads and they want to protect not only their jobs and contracts, but wants to make sure the next mayor will protect them, such as, well…maybe by NOT investigating where our money has gone.

A web-site has gone up attacking this candidate, and information from that site was similarly used on the mayor’s official blog, though she has since taken it down. The mayor's “boyfriend”, a regular fixture around City Hall, even called the campaign manager of one of the candidates and asked if s/he knew how to remove the city seal!!!! What a piece of work.

I wrote to the secret person or persons behind this “truth” website attacking that candidate asking for them to identify themselves. I got a response:
“We are a small group of Annapolitans who care too much about the city to have [blanked out by CP] as our Mayor. We like different candidates although none are affiliated with a campaign. We don't car [sic] who is Mayor because other than [blanked out by CP] they all are fine people who would bring different skills to the job. We also beleive [sic] that other than [blanked out by CP] all have the character and morals needed to occupy City Hall.
One of us is from public housing. There are Democrats, an Indepenedent [sic] and a Republican among us. We won't tell you who we are because [blanked out by CP] and her campaign not to mention bloggers and reporters will probably egg our house, slash our tires, disrupt our businesses and stalk us at night if we do.
The website didn't cost any thing. Just our time. We found the website service on Google and got a free trial which doesn't end until after the election.
We will be sharing more news because since we put the site up lots of people have given us very good leads about other dishonest things [blanked out by CP] has done especially in [blanked out by CP]
Thank you for your interest an [sic] keep up the good work covering the elections.”

Four years ago, a similar underground group carried out attacks against incumbent Mayor Moyer. I blasted that group for being anonymous, and for being simply against Moyer, but not for anything or anyone. That was before I was blogging, but I will do the same to take on any anonymous individual or group. I may be at the top of Boss Ellen's hit list, but I will not tolerate anonymous attacks against her or any other public official.
Sending and answering emails as "John Franks", they claim they “care too much about the city” yet are trying to undermine confidence in the democratic process and cause widespread dissension in our city. It is the same tactic being used by Democratic operative Chuck Weikel and his sidekick Craig Purcell, who will stoop so low as to inject racial issues and racism into the process. They too claim to love Annapolis but seem to hate many who live here. But from this "John Franks" letter, it is odd how they seem to hate bloggers (myself included) and then conclude by telling me to “keep up the good work covering the elections” but why would they think I am doing a good job???

I wrote back:
"Why should I believe anything you say? Nobody has any idea who you or your group may be. As for your statement that "bloggers and reporters will probably egg our house, slash our tires.." etc. etc that is absurd. Which bloggers or reporters are you worried about? The one who clearly makes their identity known? Or those who are anonymous like you?

Unless you show yourselves and stand behind what you say, why should anyone believe anything you write? On the other hand, I stand behind everything I write and have made enemies because of it but my house has not been egged and my tires have not been slashed. Apparently you and your group may be paranoid.

Perhaps if you came out in the open, what you have to say might have more weight. It might actually be believable.


Paul Foer"
I have not received a reply. If you know anything about who is behind this, you may tell me in confidence and I'll investigate. That's the only kind on anonymity that's acceptable, but you'll have to make yourself known to me. Now I am off to buy eggs ..ha  ha ha  ha.....

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