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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

CP IS NOT ANONYMOUS...And It's Not Halloween Yet

As many readers know, there is a lot of smearing, ghost-searching, witch-hunting, "Boo-ing" and character assassination going on....and we have two weeks until the primary and over a month until Halloween.  If others wish to badmouth me or write ridiculous claims or accusations or otherwise maliciously and knowingly lie and spread falsehoods, that is their problem. It is also known as libel, a criminal offense. This is why they play games with names and save the really bad stuff for "anonymous" comments they send in.

I know the truth as do my readers.

However, let me be very clear. THIS BLOG does not accept anonymous comments and I do not write anonymous comments--not anywhere, not on any blog and certainly not here. Almost 100% of all properly identified comments are published--with the exception of the incessant rants of Craig Purcell. I used to get nasty and harassing anonymous comments on a daily basis from the same source. They have stopped. Purcell and Chuck "Wacky" Weikel as many readers know, was sending out ridiculous emails regularly to many citizens, usually going to the mayor and city attorney as well. They were nonsense. They too have stopped. Now Purcell (with Weikel's  help) not only writes his own blog, a collection of smears, lies, innuendo and half-truth character assassinations, he continues to send me blog comments, but identifying himself for a change. I will not publish them. He knows that. He keeps sending them.

As the perpetrators of this hateful, disgusting smear campaign well know, they appear to be writing in to their own blog anonymously and even creating false names that might appear to be from me or even other people in Annapolis. If any comments are published at their blog that might in some way appear to be written by me, or if my name appears or if a name similar to mine appears, they are NOT coming from me. I will not write in to his blog in any way. In other words, no, not, negative, ixnay, not me, uh uh, somebody else.
I  read it on occasion for a laugh, but I don't write in--and never will. I do on rare occasion comment at an online publication and will always use my name. If there is ever a question, contact me for confirmation. (I would not put it past those two rascals to use my name and send in "stuff" to other blogs)

These two ringleaders should receive the 21st century version of tar and feathers and be sent packing--for good. How odd that two people who claim to be so interested in "saving" our town and in protecting its heritage and character are spreading such mean-spirited and hateful negativity toward so many who live here. Who will stand up and tell them NO MORE!!!!

And for you loyal reader, whatever you know about this, the money trail, the "brains" behind it--anything at all, respond to me in confidence and I will try to drain this swamp.

I am Paul Foer and I approved this message.  Thank you.

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