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Friday, September 11, 2009

Guest Editorial: Admiral Heights Resident on Political Signs

Dear Capital Punishment:
My son and I were having this conversation about the 'mini billboard' political signs. I said, "What is next? I suppose we will have houses wrapped like cars and buses with political slogans and candidate's faces"!
We have two of them at one house in our neighborhood on a prominent corner lot. Thank goodness the owner on the other corner didn't want to support an opposing candidate! Gee, I have a corner lot a block away. Maybe I should put them up for my candidate? No way!!
I don't see the point. It is unsightly to say the least and so unnecessary. Name recognition and citizen support is the point and the smaller regular signs are just as effective. I see nothing wrong with those, as long as they aren't put up too early and leftover post-election.
After the election, I may propose Admiral Heights try to get a size restriction in our community. We do not have covenants per se, but perhaps we could pass a consensus regulation through our improvement association.
Dianne Crews

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