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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hartley Says AFSCME Is "Incredibly Unrealistic"....But It Does Not Stop Them From Making Endorsements

Eric Hartley has a good piece in today's The Capital about the furlough of state employees. He writes,

"If you ask the union, Gov. Martin O'Malley has decided to "balance the budget on the backs of state workers and residents," in the words of Patrick Moran, Maryland director of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees.
People are struggling across America, with millions either out of work, having to make do without cost-of-living raises or being furloughed.
In that climate, the complaining from people like Moran sounds incredibly unrealistic and divorced from reality."

Yeah. I think it does sound unrealistic. Hey wait a minute--isn't that the same union that just endorsed a mayoral candidate without even considering any of the other candidates????  Now, if the next mayor finds himself or herself facing a serious budget crisis and it might just take furloughing the large numbers of AFSCME members working for the city (whose salaries must make up a very large portion of the city budget), how might this mayor handle the situation if he or she...uhh...well..feels oh, I dunno...indebted or well...obligated in any way to that union??? 

Just a question. I dunno. I ain't saying--I'm just askin'...Ahhm jes a poor ol' small town blogger. I do know one thing and I remember what Thomas Jefferson said, "Avoid entangling alliances"....but he was referring to matters of international diplomacy I believe.

Read Hartley at furloughs.

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