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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Is Boss Ellen Really The Main Issue in Today's Election?

Well, if you believe what the Baltimore Sun has to say, then the answer is yes. The headline today reads "Moyer appears main issue in Annapolis vote"

Maybe. Perhaps more appropriate to ask would be "Moyer appears to be a major issue in Annapolis vote"  But let's chew on it. To one extent or another, all the candidates are positioning themselves in relation to the Boss but they are mainly positioning themselves based on who they are and what they have done--and not what the Boss is about. And of course Moyer's mess will be inherited by her successor but that is always the case. The lame duck is always an issue of one sort or another.

Yes, Moyer is deeply despised by a wide swath of city residents, but a small group extols her. What I'd really like to know is what role is she playing in the election? Let's consider the pay increase fiasco, the 2 am bar announcement, the Weikel-Purcell blog and their claims, her staunch opposition to the council-manager petition which IS an issue in the campaign, the stealth attack on one particular candidate and now, where is her financial report. Time may tell. So yes, Moyer is an issue in the campaign, but the main issue? I don't know. I do know this--and that is that although the council-manager push was not originally a referendum about the mayor, I believe that it has turned into that--and thanks to Boss Ellen for making that about herself by working so hard on her own and with her cronies to make that happen.

But if you the voter believes that the mayor is such an issue that this campaign should be about her, well, then do what you have to do today when you cast your vote and make it about her. But really--she is not on the ballot, so make it about who is the most qualified--what I've been urging all along.


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sungal said...

Thanks for the plug, Paul! Remember,I don't write the headlines.

Paul Foer said...

Thank you. Yes of course--and the editors chose a silly headline AND I would guess that this assignment was one of those instances where the editors woke up and said--hey, time to cover the Annapolis elections..

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