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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Kenny Kirby Surfaces (sort of...) in Ward Six...Stiverson Weighs In...

Kenny Kirby of Ward Six has gotten many signs up and he has raised some money--though all of it from the following sources:
Craig Purcell--$100 (Purcell lives in Baltimore--CP readers are familiar with him)
Citizens for Chuck--Chuck Weikel--$226.00 (CP readers are also familiar with him...lives in Ward One. Weikel also contributed signs, postage and other items worth over $650)
Cohen for Mayor--$250.00 (Not too unusual, but Cohen is of course looking for Kirby to back him if elected to council)
Clarence Goldberg (FOE, Eastport Democratic activist, accountant, campaign finance preparer for many Democratic candidates including Kirby, drives voters to polls)--$26.00....yep twenty-six dollars. This certainly does not show any shred of support in Ward Six--not even any one or two dollar donations.

Kirby still refuses to reply to any communication with CP and even from his opponent Greg Stiverson, who has asked Kirby to meet with him. A Ward Six resident supplied me with something I have asked Kirby for at least twice--a piece of literature. It is slightly more informative than is his thin web-site. For example, we learn that "Kenny Kirby wants a town which is safe, healthy and prosperous for all of its people. A town in which children have a chance to flourish...." and he also wants to "Eradicate the ills (drugs, crime, unemployment, displacement) which plague our communities and neighborhoods." These are all good and well, but any specifics?

I am looking closely at Kirby because he has been so unwilling to communicate and because he is receiving support from the above-named individuals, none of whom live in his ward, and one of whom does not even live in Annapolis. Cohen did live in Ward Eight at the edge of Ward Six but moved to Ward Two. Goldberg and Weikel and Cohen are closely tied to Boss Ellen of Moyer Incorporated. Purcell is Weikel's sidekick but lives in Baltimore. Why is he taking such an interest in Kirby?--Purcell and Weikel have propped up Kirby on

Furthermore, his handbill reads that he is "A man of the community. Someone you can trust" and I have offered him a fair hearing and airing right here, and via email and a phone call. He is welcome to write in, provide information and to attend a Sip N' Blog as is every other candidate and meet other community activists but has so far refused, but perhaps that is way of being a man of the community who we can trust.

He does not provide his email or phone number on his literature, which is quite unusual, but is further evidence of his apparent desire to remain obscure.

These are Mr. Kirby's accomplishments as he listed them:

He has a run a local summer camp for over 30 years and is a Recreation Assistant with HACA.

Past President of the Afro American Club at York College of Pennsylvania

1993 member of the Concerned Black Males of Annapolis for Annapolis High School

It's fair to ask more about his background, accomplishments, goals as an Alderman, and to ask why he is not more communicative in the campaign. A substantive web-site and availability through phone and email would be a great start. Hiding behind a false and self-defined veil of being unable to use email, which I have documented, just seems inappropriate. Receiving his only source of backing from the Democratic machine from outside his ward, especially Purcell and Weikel who likely want to defeat Stiverson and have their own "puppet", is troubling.  See more, but not much Maybe Weikel and Purcell, who have their own menacing presence on the web, don't believe that Kirby deserves a good web-site...maybe they don't believe that folks in Ward Six use computers....

Comment/Reply from Kirby's Political Opponent, Greg Stiverson: 

"One correction to your tally of Kirby financial supporters. Clarence Goldberg gave Kirby $250, not $26 as you reported. Goldberg did the financial report for Kirby and his hand seemed to have been shaking when he reported his own contribution. It does look a bit like "$26," but if you look at the total of Kirby's contributions, the number Goldberg entered is, in fact, $250. So the total financial support Mr. Kirby has received as of August 18, the filing date for the report, was $226.04 from Citizens for Chuck (Weikel); $100 from Craig Purcell; $250 from Cohen for Mayor; and $250 from Mr. Goldberg, for a total of $826.04. As you note, Chuck Weikel individually, as opposed to his Citizens for Chuck organization, paid an additional $14 for postage, $150 for the voter list, and $478.92 to print Mr. Kirby's lawn signs, for a total of $642.92.

Because of Mr. Weikel's generosity, Mr. Kirby's expenditures were minimal: $431.90 to print his handout; $200 to pay back a loan from William Kirby; and $200 to himself for "field expenses," whatever those are.

I have had the same difficulty trying to engage Mr. Kirby as you have. Last spring I emailed him asking for a sit-down to discuss the campaign and to agree on opportunities for us to meet together with the community. He told me he would get back to me with a date, but never did. Last week, I renewed that request--and volunteered to set up joint appearances at local venues. Chuck Weikel responded on behalf of the Friends of Kenny Kirby Committee, saying he'd pass my request on to the candidate. I'm still waiting.  "



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