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Friday, September 11, 2009

Latest Campaign Finance Reports...A Brief Review and MAYOR MOYER--WHERE IS YOUR REPORT???

Aldermanic Candidate Scott Bowling writes in to ask:
"Is a candidate’s failure to file the required Campaign Fund Reports or their lack of attention to detail when submitting these reports an indicator of their commitment or ability to lead our City?  Acknowledging that most candidates do not complete these forms, their Treasurers do. I think it still is an indicator of the quality of people they surround themselves with."

CP says see for yourself at
Here are a few observations about the most recent filing.

First and foremost, where is Ellen Moyer's filing????   

Dave Cordle – Missing Schedule 2

Laurie Sears Deppa – Missing Schedules 2, 4, and 5 – also incorrectly numbered pages

Classie Gillis Hoyle – Did not sign her report

Kenneth A. Kirby  - Missing Schedules 2, 4, and 5

Gilbert Renault  - Missing Schedule 5

Samuel Shropshire – DID NOT FILE--(CP asks: This is getting to be a habit with Shropshire. Did his basement get flooded again???)

Bowling adds, "Title 4 of the City Code requires candidates to file timely and complete Campaign Fund Reports and states that a candidate is not eligible to be elected if they do not adhere to the code. {Chapter(s) 4.44.080 and 4.44.100} Will the Board of Supervisors of Elections prohibit these candidates from participating in the September 15th Primary?"

Here are my findings:
Josh Cohen--Raised more than an additional $13,000---from where??
From FOE and city employee/mayoral confidante Karen Engelke 
Not much support from people with actual city addresses, although there are many with 21401 and 21403 zip codes, but very few in the city.  
The Pearsons on Mas Que Farm on the edge of the city/county have contributed thousands to the campaign. That’s Janet Richardson, whose married name is now Pearson. She is a close friend of Ellen Moyer. She has the development plan for part of the horse farm/dressage center off Forest Drive.  Alan Hyatt represented her in the annexation.  She’s been trying to get that land developed for years.  I’m not sure if Pony Club Estates (the area already leveled) is part of her plan or not.

Who is Christina Schwallenberger on Harness Creek Rd who gave $2400??? (county-or city?)
The Service Employee International Union--$2000!!  Another big union...
And another big union...The Municipal and County Government Employee's Union Local 1994--closely allied with Progressive Maryland which endorsed Cohen, gave him $1000.  They are based in and focused on Montgomery County.
Local law firm of Cutler and Lipsetts, principal Eric Lipsetts was a candidate for county council in 2006, gave Cohen $250
The Plumber and Steamfitters Union Local in Baltimore gave him another $500
He  paid $500 to James "Joe Ghost" Taylor to do campaign outreach.

Cohen is quite adept in attracting large contributions from a small number of deep-pocket people as well as big institutions, mainly coming from outside of the city. There are few actual residents contributing and little money collected from city residents. But don't take my word, see for yourself at

And now on to Trudy McFall  who brought in about $2300 this period. Most addresses of contributors are actual city addresses and these are mainly smaller contributions such as $25, $50 or $100 but one contributor in Washington, DC gave her $1000. McFall's campaign says she is an old friend and colleague.

Zina Pierre raised an impressive $8,000 plus and brought her cash on hand in line closer to the other top fund raisers. She has tended to get contributions in small to modest amounts from a wide range of individuals, both in Annapolis and outside of town. In her first filing, she brought in a lot of individual contributions in small amounts from city residents.

By the way--remember Kenny Kirby and how he only got money from Democratic stalwarts outside of his ward and none from in his ward in the last filing? Take the list of non-Ward 6 residents Josh Cohen, Clarence Goldberg, Chuck Weikel and Craig Purcell (not a city resident) and you may now add Friends of Mike Busch, who donated $200. This Democratic machinery must really want to help Kirby, but Kirby cannot even raise a dime on his own turf. People will put up signs for him but won't put their money where their signs are. Or maybe, the rank and file within the Democratic Party is not too excited, so somebody is stepping in....??? Kirby's opponent Greg Stiverson, did not raise any cash this period (well there was twelve cents in interest....).

For a complete analysis of all the filings from  the last period, see:
It's interesting...few candidates rarely get a totally clean bill of health. Much of the points raised were about certain codings being incorrect or missing, certain addresses being incomplete, but then--what happens?

Annapolitans for a Better Community, the group promoting the petition for the council-manager form of government also has its report published. Now go and do your homework at

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