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Friday, September 11, 2009

Mayor Opens Secret FOERSTOPP to Monitor Uncivil Bloggers Who May Say "Not Nice" Things About Her

Deeply concerned about any criticism or questioning of her failed policies and administration, Annapolis Mayor Ellen "O"  Moyer announced she was opening a facility to monitor local bloggers.  It will be called FOERSTOPP for  "Frivolous Operational Electronic Reconnaissance Supporting Tyrannical Obnoxious Paranoid Politicians" or she may just name it after herself.

Moyer has long believed that bloggers are her enemies and have treated her unfairly. It was not known how the state-of-the-art center was funded but sources close to the mayor told CP that "We have ways." There are believed to be only a few of these local one-person blogging operations, but Mayor Moyer takes at least one of them very seriously. This is her large staff of public relations professionals maintain web-sites, television studios and a host of other means to get her message out (all taxpayer funded of course) and especially to combat bloggers to protect her otherwise stellar and unblemished image from the mean and unfair publicity-hungry bloggers.

Shown above is a photo supplied to CP of new blog-jamming and listening antennas just installed at the new "energy" park off Defense Highway. The nearby  NSA or No Such Agency is rumored to be involved.

From a photo smuggled out of the secret, underground blogger-monitoring bunker known as the FOERSTOPP Center, highly-paid crony contractors are shown receiving incoming blog postings that are screened to see if they meet with Boss Moyer's approval. (Thanks to city employee "Melinda Karinsky")

The employees are contractors who the mayor first met in the horse racing industry. Their contracts were never approved by city council.
The woman on phone is calling mayor's boyfriend Dale on his city-owned cell phone to locate Boss Ellen, rumored to be attending a sister cities conference. The man in front  is searching for elusive truth in another annapolis political scene but finding that all of it including the many comments all come from one source close to the mayor and being used as a smokescreen. The mayor takes blog postings very seriously--as well she should. After all, she is doing an excellent job as mayor and the only reason a small minority of people think bad things about her is because of uncivil bloggers causing trouble. The mayor knows she has never done anything wrong which is why FOERSTOPP is necessary to protect mayor from rhetorical bomb-throwers!


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