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Monday, September 14, 2009

OhNine OnLine for September 14

PLEASE...I hope and pray (if I were a praying man...)  that there will be no mud-slinging or last minute nasty surprises....

Be sure to tune in to 1430WNAV every weekday morning at 0815 to hear CP Publisher Paul Foer "On the Foerfront" with Bill Lusby during the morning drive...or walk...or bike commute...or if you are like me, you don't have a commute....(The only thing I need commuted is my sentence...) That's 1430WNAV, so please don't ask me what frequency or band that is.....or the call sign....

CP spotted mayoral candidate Dave Cordle posting signs up and then ran into aldermanic candidate Rock Toews (that's pronounced like plays or maze or taze as in tazer) doing the door-to-door thing with an associate on Saturday.

Speaking of Cordle--he has finally revamped his web-site, and it is a vast improvement over his earlier rendition, which had not been updated since February. However, I find it very hard to read the light and grainy type on the green background. I am also disappointed that he does not go into detail about his 8-year voting record. Of course, neither does Shropshire or Cohen, the only other candidates that have established voting records. I guess candidates like to say they are running on their record, but then we have to go out and find what it really is. But I am repeating myself...like a broken record, record, record....See www.davecordle.com

Zina Pierre's web-site now has a photo of her smiling with none other than the Big Bill himself...very nice!

Hey--no candidate called the house all weekend for a change....wait let me check my answering machine....nope...whew...

Sip N' Blog this Thursday from 8-9 am at Zu Coffee--we'll be reviewing the election results! Well-what else did you expect us to do???

Be on the lookout for candidates out sign waving.....beep beep...honk if you love me....whatever...

Hey--did I remind everyone to vote? I did? No, I didn't? Did I? About a dozen times....so PLEASE VOTE TOMORROW...

Laurie Sears Deppa's "latest" twitter entry is from March 5. Here is what it says:  
"I am trying to get Verizon tech support - they are a bunch of morons!"

If you have any last-minute or late-breaking election news to report.....election fraud....hanky panky...loaded ballot boxes...where the best party is....etc....please let me know at: paul@foerfront.com

Did I remind you to vote???

Join us every Thursday morning, from 8-9 am for our Sip N' Blog at Zu Coffee, 934 Bay Ridge Road, Annapolis, Maryland, in the Giant Shopping Center. Our discussion on the 17th will focus on the primary election results and the upcoming general. Sept-24--Jennifer Monteith. Stop by on your way to work for your morning latte and meet other local activists. Zu Coffee now has a drive-thru window!


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