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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

One 30-second Audi Advertisement--But A Century's Worth Of Stupid, Phony, BS

Readers know that CP is a strong advocate of reducing our insanely auto dependent culture. I just learned of an advertisement for Audi which I find to be seriously objectionable and offensive. It is racist and elitist (is the other fellow next to the Black man supposed to look Middle Eastern or Arabic?), and makes fun of so many different kinds of people and ideals. It is not the first time Audi has beaten up on public transit. Years ago they had an ad titled "Avoid Mass Transit" to sell their cars. See this short commercial, and watch it carefully a couple of times. It's highly stylized and full of symbols.

Now visit the bikeportland web-site and read the many comments about the ad. Remember--Portland is regarded as our most bike-friendly city, our greenest city, our most transit-friendly city and as one of our most livable cities. I've been there. It's true.

I DO LIKE HOW THEY MAKE FUN OF THOSE IMBECILIC SEGWAYS AND THOSE WHO RIDE THEM...does Audi really think that bikes and Segways and vegie powered Volvos are such a threat? And why do they always show beautiful, open and uncrowded roadways on car commercials???  (duuuhnnh!)

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Burren47 said...

Again with racist.

Paul Foer said...

Burren--Would you care to elaborate? If you disagree with my assessment of this commercial, please explain why...and why do you say "again"?...

Anonymous said...

Because you said "Black" instead of "African-American"?

If you were BORN in Africa and become an American citizen, you deserve the title of "African-American". Otherwise, don't bother me with PC references.


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