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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Previous Endorsements From The Capital

It's funny how some folks denigrate and disregard our local newspaper and then make such a big deal of their endorsements.....Following yesterday's not-exactly-gushing endorsement of Josh Cohen (the publication of which of course makes some thrilled and other disappointed of course...) I thought it might be helpful to re-run some other endorsements from year's past. The first one, if I recall, was for Cohen's second term as an alderman, the term which he left, we must recall, to go to County Council, which he is again trying to once again return to city council, but as mayor:
WARD 8: Josh Cohen
Mr. Cohen, the Democratic nominee, is a model alderman who symbolizes everything good in city politics. His evenhandedness and patience have put him above council bickering even though his support for the mayor has drawn criticism. We have often witnessed his willingness to listen to opposition. He doesn't equivocate about his own beliefs, but he has refrained from the emotional responses that have plagued the council
Mr. Cohen is opposed by Republican Regina Linton, a retired travel agent. But we think Mr. Cohen's record of working closely with his constituents to resolve neighborhood complaints, like speeding on Bay Ridge Avenue and Eastport zoning problems, is more than enough to earn him another term. Even those who disagree with his positions should be happy to have an honest, straightforward and responsive representative.

The below is from 2005 when Boss Ellen was running for re-election. The choices were slim. As a matter of disclosure, I was so upset with the whole thing that I left town and did not even file absentee. I think it was the first time in over 25 years (since I was old enough to vote) that I chose not to exercise that right:

Our say: Our endorsement for mayor: Ellen Moyer

ANNAPOLIS VOTERS go to the polls on Nov. 8 to pick a mayor for the next four years. Perhaps their decision can best be made by answering two questions: Are you happy with the direction of the city? If not, is there a candidate who can do a better job?
There are signs of prosperity. West Street abounds with new development that eventually will ease the tax burden. The bond rating is excellent. The crime rate is down. And citizens are involved in city projects more than ever, thanks to the current mayor's initiatives. This bodes well for incumbent Ellen Moyer as she seeks a second and last term.
Her opponents - Republican George Kelley and Independent Gil Renaut - hope to exploit the mayor's failures. The Market House is still empty. The city, they believe, is unprepared for the coming development. Citizens are paying more in property taxes despite the mayor's reduction of the tax rate. And Ms. Moyer's prickly personality continues to rankle.
We too find much to fault - our relationship with the mayor's office is among the worst ever. But we cannot let personal differences cloud Ms. Moyer's achievements. We like the way she has turned to the community to take on problems. The best example is a committee that, despite false starts, made modest improvements to downtown parking. Her enthusiasm for galvanizing volunteers stretches from planting flowers to preventing crime.
On her watch, long-ignored West Street is finally starting to live up to its economic potential. Brick pavement has restored a Colonial feel to the first block while, farther up the street, a new parking garage and restored houses have brought vibrancy to a once-abandoned block. Add Park Place and the new Hyatt building, you can't help but feel upbeat about West Street's prospects.
Ms. Moyer has demonstrated an ability to manage difficult challenges. She mustered her staff to respond to the community crisis left by Hurricane Isabel and acted to fill the vacancies in the police and fire departments that plagued mayors before her. She has stood solidly behind environmental protection - dismissed by past mayors - and the maritime community, so important to the city's vitality.
Her opponents are earnest, but their campaigns aren't impressive. Mr. Kelley has little to show for four years as an alderman and has given voters no evidence that he would do better as mayor.
Mr. Renaut, a retired federal attorney and St. John's College graduate, is obviously bright and capable. But his lack of political experience and a vague, uninspired campaign haven't given us any reason to think he would do better than Ms. Moyer.
The biggest problems of the next four years will probably be those that aren't foreseen on Election Day. It's vital that voters select the candidate best equipped to handle the unexpected. Of these three candidates, the most qualified - the one who can best be trusted to react sensibly and in the city's interests - is Ms. Moyer.

And there you have it.......(Thanks to The Capital for supplying these archived editorials)

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Judd Legum said...

How was the endorsement by the Capital "not exactly gushing"?

Our choice for the Democratic nomination is Josh Cohen, whose gift for diplomacy and consensus-building would be a breath of fresh air.

Cohen has a proven track record of resolving local disputes. However inflamed the controversy, he has ...treated even his most unreasonable critics with respect.

[W]e are persuaded by Cohen because of his experience as alderman and on the County Council, where he serves now. Since mayors and county executives have not enjoyed a good relationship in the past, his familiarity with county officials offers hope for change.

Seems like a pretty good endorsement to me.

Paul Foer said...

Read some of the responses to the endorsement online at the Capital's site as they are actually cogent for a change. A change of tone in City Hall will be nice, but just about any candidate other than Attila The Hun will do that. What we need is a regime change.
My feeling is that the entire endorsement was pretty weenie for a variety of reasons, but their endorsements are like that. See my piece coming out this afternoon about endorsements. What can you tell us about how Progressive Maryland made its endorsement?

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