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Monday, October 5, 2009

Breaking News: Four City Employees and One Alderman Off to Czech Republic--At Our Expense

No matter how hard the mayor tries to rationalize this one, you can bet that CP is going to dig for details. So far, we are looking at a minimum of $6,000 of our money and possibly a whole lot more. I'll be getting more out on this soon. Among this group is Alderman Sam Shropshire, who has already been arraigned for the crime of sexual assault and has been widely known to have lived under an assumed name. Why was Shropshire chosen--and is it not a little, maybe just a little curious that he is going just before his trial? His wife and daughter live in the nearby Slovak Republic. The official story as presented by the mayor can be found below, but you can bet that's not the full story or the real story (now why would I say such a thing?):

The City of Annapolis is proud to be named a finalist for such a prestigious award endorsed by the United Nations. The award honors those towns and cities that are leaders in environmental best practices. I have attached all the finalists from each of the categories for your information.
Mayor Ellen Moyer understands that while Annapolis is recognized internationally for its Maritime Industry and realizes the positive economic impact on the community, we are striving to be recognized internationally on other fronts. The 4.5 million visitors annually stimulate this community’s economy and it is a known fact that the tourism industry is seeking “green locals” as the next wave of vacation spots worldwide.  This award will allow our Delegation to interact with countries that share our vision of a clean-green future and meet face to face with the political stakeholders looking for investment opportunities with those that share best practice initiatives.
With six countries represented in our population group and a total of fifteen countries represented overall, this is an opportunity for Annapolis to be showcased worldwide for its quality of life, heritage management and environmental best practice initiatives. It also allows the delegation to learn from other countries and bring those ideas home. Please note that Annapolis is submitting a request to be the host city for the LivCom Awards. The process for hosting will be made available to participating cities during the awards.
The delegation from Annapolis will be leaving on Tuesday, October 6th and arrive in the Czech Republic, the morning of October 7th. 
The Delegation is made up of:
Michael Mallinoff, Director of the Department of Neighborhood and Environmental Programs
Frank Biba, Chief of Environmental Programs
Patricia Blick, Chief of Historic Preservation
Karen Engelke, Special Projects Coordinator and
Sam Shropshire, Ward 7 Alderman
At the request of Mayor Ellen Moyer, DNEP applied for the award in June of 2009 and was notified in July that Annapolis was selected as a finalist.  Mr. Mallinoff, Mr. Biba and Ms. Blick will be representing the city as the three presenters required in the Whole City Awards criteria.  As part of the final judging process, the group will have 40 minutes to present the city’s submission. This includes a 12 minute DVD, along with a spoken presentation by all three panelists addressing specific criteria. Those criteria include:
Enhancement of the Landscape;
Heritage Management;
Environmentally Sensitive Practices;
Community Sustainability;
Healthy Lifestyles and;
Planning for the future
The presentation will be followed up with a question and answer period.
Each department will pay for its own staff members through its training, education and travel budget. (part of the approved operating budget)  The cost for air fair and hotel per person is approximately $1,500, but this is an estimate.

The award organization will provide supportive funding for our delegation, including all transfers to and from the airport, hotel discounts and meals.

Annapolis was selected as one of two finalists from the United States with a population of
20,001 – 75,000 in the Whole City Award Section. The ten finalists in this population category represent six Countries worldwide.  The awards are endorsed by the United Nations Environment Program and partners with a Memorandum of Understanding.

Full list of finalists in The Whole City Awards Section of LivCom 2009:

Category A   (Population up to 20,000)

BOLATICE, Czech Republic
JAROMER, Czech Republic
RICANY, Czech Republic
TULLN AN DER DONAU, Austria       

Category B (Population 20,001 – 75,000)

CANADA BAY, Australia
CHRUDIM, Czech Republic
EGER, Hungary
JIHLAVA, Czech Republic
MLADA BOLESLAV, Czech Republic
TABOR, Czech Republic 

Category C (Population 75,001 – 200,000)

KLADNO, Czech Republic
MELVILLE, Australia
NORWICH, England

Category D (Population 200,001 – 750,000)

LOGAN CITY, Australia
SONGPAGU, South Korea        

Category E (Population over 750,000)

PEEL (Regional Municipality), Canada      
RIYADH, Saudi Arabia                  

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jimnic said...

Paul, This is just another disregard for taxpayer $$!Where was this in the budget? Does the whole entourage have to go or could one or two just go? Could they mail us the trophy? How do rationalize spending this money in tough economic times? 6,000 dollars will not cover 5 people in will be way more! It's time for change in Annapolis. This is an example of why we need the TAX CAP! You do not spend, what you do not have!

Jim Conley
Aldermanic Candidate Ward 5

Unknown said...

I so appreciate your pointing out this continued and prolonged abuse of power by the Moyer machine. Thank you Paul Fore.

Stanford Erickson

Paul Foer said...

I only do it for publicity--or so thinks Boss's her legacy building thing....and that's FOER please. So far I am asking for expenses details and well, getting nowhere...perhaps you all--every one of you should write... thank you

Greg Stiverson said...

Paul - While such needless spending should end with the election of a new mayor and council on November 3, there is a question about what commitments Mayor Moyer is bequeathing to her predecessor.

The Capital's story about the French teenagers who enjoyed a week of sailing lessons last summer at our expense quoted the mayor as saying that we would be sending a reciprocal delegation to France next summer--again, presumably, on our dime.

Then last night I was handed a letter by noted Annapolis gadfly Arthur Kungle, Jr., from Amery Boyer, Chief Administrative Officer of Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia, concerning the 300th anniversary of the town in 2010. The letter says: "We understand that several people are planning to come to us for our anniversary next year, including gospel singer Tony Spencer and Them Oyster Boys." I wonder if the expense of sending this cultural mission of FOEs to the north will also be generously donated by the taxpayers of our less royal city?

Paul Foer said...

What is the world coming to when we rely on "noted gadfly" Arthur Kungle as a news source? What gets me is that Boss Ellen is still out there raising money. She has been running our city as her personal fiefdom for eight years...and her time as chief bottle washer is thankfully coming to an end.

Will Small said...

I don't see how incessant study of issues with otherwise miniscule change warrants an award

Annapolis represents the status quo - lets keep things the way they are and spend some of our glut making ourselves feel better about it.

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