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Friday, October 2, 2009

Hartley is RIGHT ON About Fetid and Pusillanimous Ethics Commission

The Capital's Eric Hartley recounts his visit to the latest and improperly unpublicized Ethics Commission meeting in his latest column.  I've had similar unsettling and questionable experiences with the committee as he did. Fixing this outfit is is all part of what we need to do to drain the swamp. Even Alderman Fred Paone, its former head, says it needs a lot of work. How come he has not made that a priority?  I expressed my concern about the lack of proper meeting notice to the City Attorney's Office and to Alderman Arnett, who has been trying to correct the situation. Read Hartley's column WatchDog-Lapdog? .

Why don't the members make themselves useful? When will the mayor stand up and fix it? How about City Council??? Does the Office of the State Prosecutor need to take notice?

(Fetid means it stinks. Pusillanimous means lacking courage or resolution; cowardly; faint-hearted; timid.)

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Paul Foer said...

To: TS Langsworthchildsteinberg

It is unfair and unethical to attack a public figure without identifying yourself. Out of respect to Cohen, to readers and all people who who make their identity known to us day in and day out, if you want me to publish your comments about Josh Cohen, you will have to properly identify yourself. Seriously--if you want any meaningful response from Cohen, how can he write back to a phantom?

Paul Foer said...

Sam for you "Pete"...although I suspect who you are, in fairness to COhen and readers, you'll have to fully identify yourself. And to you TS Langsworth....nobody in the US is guilty as charged until proven guilty in a court of law...Geeze--do I have to give a lecture on The Constitution and Bill of Rights here?? I am the wrong guy...

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