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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Similarly-Sized St Cloud MN Also Sends Delegation to LivCom BUT NOT AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE!

St Cloud Minnesota is also a finalist in the same LivCom award that we the taxpayers are sending four city employees and an alderman to attend in Pilsen, Czech Republic. St Cloud is a similar-sized city but their entourage is going on their own dime--not the taxpayer's dime!!! See below from St Cloud City Administrator. BTW, our city administrator is now acting public works director:

Our Mayor, Community Services Director, Park Director, a member of the Planning Commission, and a member of the Housing and Redevelopment Commission Board are all attending.  We have a representative of St. Cloud State University attending, too.  Some spouses are also attending.

No City funds are being expended.  Each City repesentative is paying their own registration, travel, and expenses.  The City did receive some private donations ($3,500) from partners of projects being represented in the competition to offset costs for representatives.

I am not certain enough of total cost to provide you with a dollar amount.  Since it is not a city expenditure, it has not been closely monitored.  I can get a summary if you are interested.

I hope this is helpful.

Michael Williams, ICMA CM
City Administrator

(CP NOTES:  Did you get that?  NO CITY FUNDS WERE EXPENDED. Williams also added later that a planning technician is going. Note that he is an ICMA credentialed manager and he answered my inquiry immediately. I now await a reply from the larger-sized Roanoke, VA and try to track down which city named Lafayette is also a finalist..Stay Tuned...)

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