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Monday, January 25, 2010

Watch this and weep.....and while you are watching...

...remember what Ellen Moyer said over and over about how our finances were in good shape? Over and over she harangued against anyone who questioned her assertions. She claimed the city was professionally managed. She spent and spent as if money was going out of style--and it was. Alderwoman Classie Hoyle, past and now current chair of the Finance Committee, also said our finances were in good shape. Only Alderwoman Stankivic, Aldermen Arnett and Cordle consistently raised alarms and spoke out and Ellen plowed through. Only Arnett remains on City Council and he should have replaced Hoyle, but we all know about what happened with Hoyle and Ward Three voters last fall. In fact, when Arnett publicly raised the alarm, Hoyle ( or a surrogate writing on her behalf) blasted Arnett for making such claims.

Good grief--four more years of Classie Hoyle chairing the Finance Committee? Somebody pass the Tums....

Now the Cohen Administration and all of us are saddled with the bills. It's not a pretty sight. However, this video, posted on the home page of the city's web-site, along with other information and inputs for we the people to make our views known (  clearly show that the Cohen Administration is indeed doing many things very differently than did the Boss Moyer clan. So far he is saying no tax increase. We can only hope, but budget cutting may not go far enough as proposed. Watch the below from City Administrator Doug Smith and Finance Director Tim Elliott.

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