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Monday, February 8, 2010

City Hall Asks Us To Use Common Sense....

Mayor Joshua J. Cohen is lifting the driving ban for all vehicles within the City limits as of 6 a.m. Monday, Feb. 8.

Even after the ban is rescinded, drivers should use common sense and avoid driving if at all possible. Those who do drive need to exercise extreme caution while behind the wheel. Minimizing traffic will allow plows to hit residential streets more quickly and ensure that emergency response is not hampered.

OKAY. Got that? City government is asking we the people to "use common sense.".  Uh huh. Yeah.  No further comment.

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Anonymous said...

haha... common sense? when has the city used it themselves?
Just read an article on another Annapolis website about Mr. Cohen announcing layoffs.. they didn't get as much money as they were hoping for.. I sure wish the heck, governments would run themselves like responsible business' do. Message to Mr. Cohen... STOP SPENDING MONEY YOU DON"T HAVE YET.
Forecasting budgets based on what MIGHT come into the city's coffers has been proven to be like a game of dice. sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. We really need to turn this around and start saving some money for hard times instead of spending every nickel we get and every nickel we HOPE to get.


Anonymous said...

From Marcia marhsall of Eastport:
I think I know what some of the problem is with snow removal in Annapolis: the drivers don't know what they are doing - they don't know how to plow.
I watched one truck yesterday afternoon drive through the Eastport peninsula neighborhood barely scraping the surface of the snow, much less getting under it to remove it from the street. The city should send these guys to snow plow school. Or hire plow drivers from New England. And they should send a supervisor out periodically to observe how badly these guys are doing the plowing.

They did not even have Bay Ridge Avenue cleared from the Eastport Shopping Center to the light at Tyler Avenue at 6pm last night!!

If the managers assigned one plow truck to each neighborhood for 12 hours, the one truck could get all the streets done. Then move on to another neighborhood. Where are trucks at night? Why are they not running 24 hours a day? The management of this problem is a disaster.

This is a great example of why Doug Smith - nice guy, smart guy, maybe a good manager - is not the right person for the city administrator job and why we need a city manager: Doug knows nothing about snow plowing! (despite having lived for a number of years in Boston)

To clear out this amount of snow, trucks have to run 24 hours a day!!!

Now, maybe the citizens of Annapolis will have a chance to consider the City manager proposal.

Marcia Marshall

Anonymous said...

The city's PIO said that there is little money left for removal. They have decided to NOT use any contractors (as they did in December) to clear the streets and are relying on their own people to do it. Plus they are down some parts from the snowplows that were stolen earlier last week.

Anonymous said...

The governor could have closed state offices in Annapolis today, after all even federal offices were closed, but instead decided to stick it once again to state workers with 'liberal leave' so workers can use their vacation time if they don't want to drive to work. I would have been happier if they had just stayed home today, O'Malley could have included the day in his next round of furloughs - giving workers a day off and not paying them. I'll be happy to give boy wonder some liberal leave come November.

Paul Foer said...

OK and while you criticize the governor, why don't you identify yourself??

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