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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Forget About The Car...Enjoy This Fine and Special Day in Annapolis

I am not talking about The Super Bowl, unless that's your thing baby. I am talking about relaxing, doing nothing...just go outside and simply enjoy the lovely day. AND LISTEN.....there are no cars....all sounds are muffled by the snow. Listen....Listen to what a world without cars would be like.  You won't get this chance very often. Get out and the silence...
(and by the way--did you obey city law and shovel your sidewalk? And to where did you shovel the snow??? Was your sidewalk and driveway inundated more by what was pushed by city plows than what fell as natural snowfall?)


Anonymous said...

It's interesting that the city spent so much effort yesterday clearing parking spaces at City Dock on Saturday (when very few cars were able to get on the roads to begin with). Yet today (Sunday), there has been no effort by the city to clear sidewalks on the Spa Creek bridge and Compromise Street thereby forcing people to walk in the street. Despite being a long-time resident, Mayor Cohen doesn't seem to have grasped the most immediate needs of the community in clearing key pedestrian routes and ensuring public safety. This city government doesn't seem to be rising to the occasion and showing it's potential and demonstrating a forward-leaning, aggressive commitment to superior service to the community. You would think that this lesson would have been learned during the December snow storm, but apparently not. Perhaps we are seeing the pitfalls of lack of executive experience from our new mayor and that he will be a quick-learner sooner rather than later.

Paul Foer said...

Yes, but while you criticize him, you won't identify yourself. Your letter is reasoned, but please, identify yourself.

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