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Friday, February 5, 2010

Not A Bit Of Irony In City's Snow News Release..Cars Rule. Walkers Drool.

From a city news release...
No City Refuse Services Provided Monday, Feb 8 or Tuesday, Feb 9

Annapolis, MD (2-5-10) Due to the Level III Snow Emergency in the City of Annapolis and the need to focus our efforts on snow removal, there will be no refuse services provided Monday, Feb. 8 or Tuesday, Feb. 9. This includes trash, recycling and yard waste collection. There will be no makeup days. Crews that normally provide refuse services will be assisting with the snow removal. This decision was also made to ensure the safety of residents and our crews since placement of refuse containers becomes “shaky” at best on piles of plowed snow.

Please remember City Code requires the abutting property owner to clear the public sidewalk of snow and ice within three hours after the snow or sleet has stopped falling except when the snow or sleet stopped falling between 3 PM and 6 AM, then the snow/ice must be removed from the walk before 11 AM. Please lend a helping hand to any neighbors who may be physically or otherwise unable to clear sidewalks.

Now for my on______________ what they are saying is....we can't pick up your trash but you have to shovel your sidewalk. Well, they even call it the "public sidewalk". Or, you should not even be putting your trash out for pick up because the trashcans could topple. And why might they topple? Because your sidewalk won't be are supposed to clear your sidewalk too. In other words, don't put trash out because we're not expecting you to clear your sdiewalk...but you are supposed to clear the sidewalk...and if you don't....
I think we should take all those public works employees who won't be picking up trash and have them fine people who don't shovel their walkways!!! Of course, even able-bodied folks will have trouble shoveling two feet of snow. So again, I ask, why have the law on the books? It is purely aspirational in nature. We are to aspire to clear our walks--(in which you will perspire) because we recognize the public need....but while we recognize the public need to clear streets for CARS...we don't recognize the public need to do it for in other words, get out and drive and while so doing and you WILL endanger walkers and we will help you get out there and drive, but if you don't clear your sidewalk, we will fine you. But it gets worse...we know they never fine anyone. So you do the right thing and shovel your walk but your neighbor does not. Will he or she get fined?

It all comes down to who owns the sidewalks!!!! Why do they exist? We never question  this about roads, but for sidewalks, we argue. And while we are collectively spending perhaps hundreds of thousands of dollars to plow streets for cars, we complained and fought about a $25 fee for sidewalk maintenance. Cars rule. Walkers drool.

And for the last bit irony....go out and take a walk when there are no cars around. How lovely. How peaceful. How quiet. But enjoy it while you can because it won't be long before everyone gets their cars going...turning out white snow to black, destroying the peace and quiet. But enjoy it while you can and comtemplate a world without's easy if you try (apologies to John Lennon)

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Will Small said...

The city of Annapolis would have to fine itself or whoever is in charge of the Spa Creek Bridge every time it snows. That bridge is never shoveled and is a obstacle for pedestrians and cyclists.

Laws on the books are often there for the convenience of prosecutorial discretion. They are not meant to be generally enforced, but it creates an outlet for action should someone gripe enough. Obviously the city could make good money using the parking ticket staff to enforce that law, and they already know how to write tickets. They could start on Duke of G st, Main St., and West St. where the most foot traffic in Annapolis is and also a number of scofflaw property owners. And of course Spa Creek Bridge.

PS Pedestrians are second class citizens, so don't try to use the police to enforce laws for us. They only serve people who are actively driving in a car and either have an accident or any petty excuse for the good ole boys in blue to justify their existence and overtime by milking the motor vehicle owner cash cow -- where the sheep have something they can sink their chops into.

Paul Foer said...

It is my understanding that the State Highway Admin. controls the bridge...but either way, it needs to be cleared...including the sidewalks so...who will do it??

Price Houston said...

At least with the bridge, there is someplace to put the snow.

Paul Foer said...

Price....first time writer? thanks

pmf aka CP

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