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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Note on Snow Removal From the City Administrator

(The following was prepared by The Ward One Residents Association and sent out this morning)

Here is the update I got from City Administrator Doug Smith on City snow removal efforts:

As of Friday the City had five large trucks, five small trucks, and
two front end loaders employed in snow clearing and street plowing.
They have now expanded the effort by bringing in contractors with
large trucks.

The challenge now is to haul snow away as the City works out into the
residential streets.  The goal is to get every street at least
passable- it won't be down to pavement - but at least passable.

The dead end streets and cul de sacs are the hardest for the City -
there is nowhere to push the snow so we have to scoop it up and put in
on trucks. - Doug.

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1 Comment:

David Clow said...

In previous years they dumped the snow at the boat ramp in Truxton Park.

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