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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Reader's Letter About Downtown Parking

Dear Capital Punishment:

As a reader of your blog and a occasional poster, I would like to bring to your attention an issue that really bugs me. I parked in one of the city garages on Monday. When I went to leave, I found out my garage sticker was no longer valid. Imagine my surprise when I found out I had to pay 8 bucks instead of 2. I was there for 4 hours. I figured my sticker was good for 2 hours then pay 2.00 for the other two hours.

Well, not having enough money on me (cash) at the time, the manager let me go with only paying 4 dollars.

So now I have to apply for new stickers. But, I live in the “county”, (Hillsmere). I no longer qualify for a sticker. Unless the city changes their policy to allow county residents to get a sticker, it will hurt them financially, because I will no longer use the garages at all. I will either park on the street after 7 pm or not go downtown at all.   What is the city thinking?

Daryl Leger


Anonymous said...

County residents were never entitled to the sticker in the first place. It was a perk for City residents.

Hopefully you just got a deal on parking for a few years and hopefully you won't get a retroactive bill from the city!

Paul Foer said...

I was wondering the same thing....thanks but please identify yourself!

laura townsend said...

No sympathy. I too now live in the county and am intelligent enough to know the program is only for city residents (to compensate them for being inconvenienced by the county residents and tourists who park on residential streets).

You got lucky this time.

Colin said...

The stickers expired at the end of 2009 but there was a grace period to give people some time to register for a new sticker.

Make sure you check out the mayors press release on Annapolis.gov regarding the change.

I remember seeing an email reminder of that grace period expiring last week, but still haven't registered for a new one!

Anonymous said...

The grace period ended the other day. You need to show proof of residence and it is for City only. But to get the sticker it is a hassle. Only certain hours in the middle of the day. Not sure why they can't entrust the parking people to do their job--we are already paying them aren't we? And we entrust them to collect cash on our behalf.

Anonymous said...

people always threaten not to go downtown because of lack of and/or expensve parking. I can't seem to feel any sympathy or empathy for them. Either go downtown or do not. Supply and demand my friends, supply and demand. You want cheap and easy parking, go to the Harbor center.

Paul Foer said...

I am allowing the above anonymous comments because they are not offensive or obnoxious, but must ask, why not identify yourself please?

Anonymous said...

City residents can walk/bike/shuttle free there!
Im sure there is a database somewhere of addresses that take advantage of the parking decal .... well maybe not!?
We live in Homewood and walk all the time.
Why cant the City grant those stickers to the Annapolis Neck residents and others? They have to pass by going elsewhere ( mall, harbour 9 etc. )Hmmmm..... marketing to the people that don't live in downtown ....... etc etc etc

Anonymous said...

Shuttles are not free. Walking from Parole is a bit of a hike and the roadways are not too bike friendly either.

Paul Foer said...

enough anonymous comments thank you...

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