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Friday, May 21, 2010

Landex Corporation: Community Partners or "Evil Developers"

I think I'll vote for the second option. Yeah, evil developers. I am not jumping to conclusions or am I? I am sure there is another side as there is to every story, but I was shocked when I read Earl Kelly's piece in The Capital about how this company demolished the basketball court at Annapolis Gardens and Bowman Court. The comments from Landex are outrageous.  Here is what Kelly wrote:
Developer demolishes basketball court

Published 05/21/10
Children from the Annapolis Gardens and Bowman Court public housing communities in Annapolis were shocked when they got off the school bus Thursday afternoon to find their basketball court demolished.

"Why are you tearing up the court?" one little boy screamed.
Another youth, Shawan Janey, a 10th-grader at Annapolis High School, said: "It was there last night. I was playing on the court yesterday. It was there when I left for school this morning, but I came home, (this afternoon) and they were out there, tearing it up."

So I read the article and then visited the Landex Web-site. (I was not expecting to see scantily-clad models in Landex, but the thought crossed my mind)

This is what Landex says about itself:

"It's all about building a community. From urban redevelopment to residential property management, the Landex companies have a proven award-winning track record. We understand that the success of a community extends beyond bricks and mortar. It's about improving the quality of living for residents and their communities."

Yeah. A guess that a basketball court is beyond bricks and mortar. Sounds like a lot of phony corporate doublespeak to me. That basketball court was well used and very important, especially to the youth. Sure it was a gathering place, but it probably keeps kids out of trouble more than it gets them into trouble.  It's their court! They must feel demoralized and victimized, especially a few weeks before school vacation starts. Does Landex have any idea how this is going to make them despised?  Is there not a better way they could have handled this? And I am not even talking about changing the name from Bowman Court--that's another story.

Hey Landex!!!! Is that the best you could do????

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Robert said...

The demolition of the basketball court has been in the plans for quite a while now. Landex and the public housing authority had been told over and over again that the residents wanted the court to remain, but they just ignored the input of the residents.

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