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Monday, June 28, 2010

2010 Elections Again

Anne Arundel County League of Conservation Voters Chapter...I wrote to Kincey Potter of the AACLCV asking whether Bob Gallagher, Board Chair of the West/Rhode Riverkeeeper recused himself from voting on the endorsement of county council district 6 race. The chapter endorsed Democrat Chris Trumbauer over fellow Dem Chuck Ferrar, but Trumbauer is professionally employed as the West/Rhode River Keeper.

Potter said "As far as the question about Bob is concerned, it is not our policy to discuss specific votes on candidates. The MD League of Conservation Voters has a Conflict of Interest policy that the Steering Committee for the Anne Arundel Chapter is following, That policy is reinforced by the committee itself in the discussions that take place around candidates and issues. In addition, all recommended endorsements from the Anne Arundel Chapter are reviewed and approved by the Board of the MD LCV. So there are many reviewers of the endorsements and a great deal of opportunity to discuss any committee member associations with the candidates and any perceived or actual conflicts of interest. "

In other words, they won't tell me if Gallagher voted or not. Trumbauer wrote to say that "Bob is the Chair of the West/Rhode Riverkeeper Board of Directors. This is a volunteer (non-paid) position. I don't know anything regarding his role in the endorsement selection process. You'll have to ask Bob - but he is away until June 28."

Potter added "On the question of our Steering Committee including Republicans and Independents, I cannot give you chapter and verse on the registered status of all of our members. I know of two members who say that they are Republicans. I also know from experience that all of them are pretty independent-minded. I’m not sure that posting the party affiliation of our committee members is that important."

Previously I had written to the league asking why they made endorsements before the candidate filing deadline has passed and then informed Potter that a Doug Burkhardt entered the race after their endorsements. "On your most recent comment about Doug Burkhardt.--I was not aware that he was running. I checked the Board of Elections site this evening and he is not listed as a candidate" Potter said.

"As far as a county executive endorsement, we said in our press release that these are the first endorsements and that we would be announcing more endorsements as races develop. We are still reviewing candidates" said Potter.

As race develop???? What I don't get is if they don't even wait until the deadline has passed before endorsing, why bother checking the rolls to see who has filed? Even Bob Ehrlich has not filed. So far they have not endorsed in the race for county executive. Is that because they might be holding out for Janet Owens' possible candidacy??? If so, why not hold out for the deadline for everyone?
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