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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

2010 Elections Again...or To Be Perfectly Frank...We NEED MONEY

Send lawyers, guns and money….more money, more money…. National Dems must be pouring big bucks into Frank Kratovil’s campaign and are now lining up the big guns. Oops, did I just use a military metaphor? Whip me with a noodle. Annapolis Mayor Josh Cohen is co-hosting a reception to support his “friend” Frank Kratovil who is seeking re-election to Congress representing Maryland's 1st District. Cohen says this district “includes much of Anne Arundel County and the entire Eastern Shore” Uhh, did he mean to say “much” of Anne Arundel County? It’s really just Broadneck Peninsula, which does not include Annapolis or the councilmanic district Cohen represented. But it is the one repersneted by Cohen’s other close friend, Jamie Benoit, also a sponsor of the evening’s event. Is that thing about “much” of the county just a quibble on my part or was it Cohen’s way of trying to make his relationship with Kratovil seem more relevant to Annapolis area voters?
Cohen’s invite says that “During his first term Frank has refused to be defined by Party label as he has carved out an independent path as a fiscally conservative Democrat.” Seemingly former Cohen “friend”, Alderman Ross Arnett, has pretty much done the same path carving, but it has not endeared Cohen and Arnett to each other, as Arnett joined the lone Republican and one Democrat to vote against his budget. Kratovil, a former prosecutor, bucked his party and president when he voted against Obamacare. I guess Kratovil had to do that to reflect the will of his constituents.
Cohen says that “Frank's race is one of the most competitive and hotly contested races in the country. It is also rapidly becoming one of the most expensive. This fundraiser is more expensive than most but I hope you will consider giving Frank your support. Cohen adds a PS which reads “Even if you are unable to join us on Wednesday, please consider supporting Frank's campaign by going to www.Kratovil.com and making an online donation. Every dollar counts!”

Indeed. It is rapidly become expensive and more expensiver and one of the most expensivest. More money, more moneyer, more moneyist. Every dollar counts. How to win friends and influence people. Special guest for the event will be U.S. Congressman John P. Sarbanes who actually does represent Annapolis.

Wednesday, June 23rd, 6:30 - 8:30 pm 164 Conduit Street ~ Annapolis, MD. The suggested contribution is $250 Friend * $500 Host * $1,000 Sponsor * $2,400 Benefactor. I guess this means Cohen is giving $250.00

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