Mayor Cohen, Speaker Busch, Congressman Sarbanes and Attorney General's Pet Carl Snowden Busy on Thursday ~ Annapolis Capital Punishment

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mayor Cohen, Speaker Busch, Congressman Sarbanes and Attorney General's Pet Carl Snowden Busy on Thursday

Mayor Joshua J. Cohen, House Speaker Michael E. Busch, U.S. Rep.John Sarbanes, Housing Authority of the City of Annapolis (HACA) Chairman Carl O. Snowden, HACA Vice Chair Cynthia A. Carter, members of the commission and family of local activist Elsie Virginia Clark, known as the “Rosa Parks” of Bloomsbury Square will dedicate the Elsie Virginia Clark Community Center at 101 Bloomsbury Square, Annapolis at 11 a.m. Thursday, June 24, 2010.

Maybe one day I'll write a piece about all money and programs and community centers constantly poured in

to our vast amount of public housing. How come public "communities" get community centers for their members paid by public tax money thanks to our tax and spend lawmakers while everybody else has to pay privately for their neighborhood pools etc?. And please, don't get me started on Bloomsbury Square, among the oldest public housing projects anywhere, a place where multi-generations of residents stay on...and on...and on...and when their decrepit former homes were destroyed to make way for the Mike Miller Palace, they were all given brick townhomes with landscaping ON WATERFRONT!!!!!! Does anyone else recall the furor that broke out when it was ;learned they were going to get slate roofs!!! Maybe instead of slate roofs, what we need is a new slate of lawmakers who will seek to transform rather than perpetuate public housing!
Somebody help me figure this one out puhleeze???  Rosa Parks, a great civil rights fighter who stood her ground on a bus in Birmingham holds an important place in American history. Her story has always inspired, but Rosa Parks took matters into her own hands and decided to make a change in the world--and did. What do multiple generations of families living in public housing do to improve their world?
Instead of gathering tax and spenders to celebrate more tax and more spending, they should gather to celebrat6e when they move people out of public housing and off the oppressive, racist federal program of impounding and warehousing people in despair and poverty. I must be naive or something--they would not want to do that, would they?

And one more thing--how does Carl Snowden manage to take time off his busy and important job with Attorney General Gansler to attend such events? Maybe they should make him take a breathalyzer before leaving the scene. 

Mayor Joshua J. Cohen and will make an announcement regarding his Cabinet in City Council Chambers, City Hall on Thursday, June 24 at 2:30 p.m. Let me see, now? What position might that be? Who might that be? Inquiring minds want to know.
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Anonymous said...


I noticed an army of government workers cutting the grass and trimming everything around Bloomsbury Square. Now, I know why.

I cut my own grass, but it's getting a bit long these days, because I've been busy working, so I can pay my taxes, so people can live on my tax dollars, on the waterfront, with a rec center, and government workers to cut their grass.

Maybe you can ask Snowden and Busch when they're going to send a dozen or so government workers over to my house and cut the grass. Or, maybe the residents of Bloomsbury Square can cut their own, like the rest of us do.

Bob McWilliams

Paul Foer said...

You can write and ask them or write a column about it. I would suggest that you register with Google so your comments can come in as from Bob McWilliams instead of anonymous and then with your name at the bottom. thanks

B. Whitelhall said...

Paul--you are the only one with a public voice that is rightfully offended by this farce.

Please keep up the pressure and the good work!

Paul Foer said...

Thanks for the note. Please provide full identification to me in accordance with the blog's policy. It will not be published.

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