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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Palestinian Detectives and Jews in Jamaica and The Caribbean

ACP's readers are used to news and articles about Annapolis, Anne Arundel County and Maryland, but ACP's Publisher Paul Foer (aka yours truly) also writes about other topics for other publications. Three of my latest pieces may be of interest to readers. In the current issue of Moment magazine, you can read my interview with murder mystery writer Matt Rees:

And in a recent issue of the Jerusalem Post's Sunday magazine "Upfront", I write about the Jewish history of Jamaica and the Caribbean, which dates back to the days of Columbus, who by the way, may have been a descendant of Spanish Jews:

If you go back a little further in time, but closer to home, I covered the Annapolis Mid-East Peace Conference in November, 2007 for the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. This link will take you to the Chicago Jewish News which picked up the story:

Now...back to covering local politics and government.........thanks for your interest.

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