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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

White Females Need Not Apply....

The below was just recently brought to my attention by a reader from a website called Care.com.

African American Provider Needed For My Precious Infant Son!

Bowie, MD 20721
Starting on Jul 18, 2010 (Sunday)
Hello! I am looking to find an African-American female daycare provider for our new son in the Bowie area, who provides care in their own home. Looking for long term daycare to begin in August. I am a school teacher so I need someone dependable, responsible, loving, and of course a non-smoker. (no pets please)

Posted by  Zakia B. from Bowie, MD Job Details:
Ages of Children: Newborn (up to 12 months)
1 child  $10 - $15 per hour
Provider Requirements:  Non-smoker
Does this ad offend anyone else? Can you imagine if the young mother had specified  that she is "looking to find a white female daycare provider"  or other exclusions that might be discriminatory?  What's even more perplexing is that the mother says she is a teacher! Can you imagine if the school that employs her had said they were only looking for white teachers? If this teacher is good enough to teach children of all backgrounds, races, creeds, colors etc, why would she exclude White, native American, Asian American, Latin American or any other woman? And for that matter, why only women? She is free to choose the person with whom she is comfortable and to specify a non-smoker for health reasons of course, but to base that decision on race is troubling and to advertise as such is worse.
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