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Friday, August 27, 2010

Republican Leader Mike Collins Takes Swipe at Fellow Republicans for Extremism

I don't know Mike Collins but I think he is to be applauded for bravely speaking his mind. No doubt there was likely some personal animosity or perhaps even competitiveness behind the remarks made by Collins, a member of The Republican Central Committee representing District 30 in his opinion piece in yesterday's The Capital. But wow! He goes after certain candidates for central committee office for their far-right and religiously infested beliefs. Good for him.

Collins writes that "Extremism has consequences" and specifically mentions Delegate Down Dwyer, Debbie Belcher, Ginny Meerman, and Joyce Thomann. He goes on to say that "We should support candidates who "summon the better angels of our nature," not pander to our most base prejudices. We are better than that. There are more than 80 Republicans on the ballot in Anne Arundel County, and most of them are terrific." 

He adds that "I expect I will be the target of abuse for writing this. Thomann, who describes herself as a conservative who happens to be a Republican, routinely attacks those she disagrees with as RINOs (Republicans In Name Only). Being silent may be the easy way out, but I think it is cowardly to be silent when you see wrong."

Rest assured Mr. Collins that if you are attacked, I'll be there to defend you and to write about it here, so let me know! You may recall that I broke the story last year about Thomann comparing Obama to Hitler that you mention in your article. She is friendly to me these days and we spoke at a recent Republican fundraiser, but her husband threatened to punch me at another such event and then laughed about it saying "Just because we disagree does not mean we can't get along." True, except, most folks who disagree with others don't threaten them.

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