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Sunday, August 22, 2010

We Have Winners For The Homestead Gardens Tomato Festival and Chili Cook-Off

Congratulations to the winners of two free tickets each to Homestead Gardens Tomato Festival and Chili Cook-Off this coming Saturday. Sarah DiCarlo correctly named three flowering native plants that attract butterflies: Honey locust, Mulberry, and Sassafrass.  Cheryl Brazerol correctly named the American Chestnut as the great hardwood tree that used to cover the eastern forests but is now almost extinct.

We are still looking for a third winner for two free tickets and it's a really, really easy one. All you have to do is tell us just two streets in Annapolis that are named for trees. Send in your answer to paul@foerfront.com  and you may win two free tickets.  For details about the festival, visit: http://homesteadgardens.com/events/events/2010-annapolis-tomato-festival.html

And within two hours after soliciting for it....Congratulations to Mark E Heron who named not only two streets for trees in Annapolis but gave us a whole list.....Poplar Ave, Maple Ave, Locust Ave, Cypress Rd, Pine Dr, Holly Dr, Spruce Lane, Cherry Tree Lane, Magnolia Ave, Oak Ave, Cedar Ave, Walnut Ave, Chestnut Ave, Magnolia Lane, Hickory Lane....However with all due respect to loyal reader Mr. Mark Heron (who I must remark...ahhh re MARK...) is named after a native bird...he missed my favorite named street CHINQUAPIN ROAD  BUT...again, with all due respect...HE MISSED THE FOREST FOR THE TREES!!!!!!!!  What about Forest Drive????

Thanks to all who responded and to all our winners Mark, Sarah and Cheryl . Please let's meet up at the Tomato Fest and Chili Cook Off and see you at Homestead Gardens.

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