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Monday, September 13, 2010

2010 Elections Again... More on Stealth Candidates and Anti-Reilly Signs Litter Route Two

Primary Elections in the home stretch.....seems as if only a tiny number of voters turned out early. What a waste--as many predicted. Voting is a great privilege and if we the people cannot find time to do it unless given a week or so, well too bad. As it shows, even given the extra week or two amounted to much ado about nothing.  Please vote on Tuesday.

ACP gets interviewed by Capital News Service (the University of Maryland College of Journalism) and picked up on WTOP radio....See here for my thoughts on the District Three Congressional Race http://www.wtopnews.com/?nid=25&sid=2049939

And speaking of District Three, while the Capital News Service got ahold of candidate Greg Bartosz after spending a great deal of time and energy locating him (and asking for my assistance), he continues to refuse to communicate with me. Maybe he has something to hide? I recently mentioned how I tried to contact another candidate in that race- a Michael Miller. He does not answer emails but I have gotten three of these such auto responses over a three-day period:

Thank you for your email. I will respond within one business day.

Michael Miller
Candidate for Maryland Congressional District 03
Why does Miller, a self-described "average guy" even bothering running for office?

And as mentioned before, Delegate James King who is running for Senate against Ed Reilly has ignored repeated email and phone calls.

For example, on September 10, I wrote and asked:

Dear James King

Again, you won't respond to direct inquiries from me, but you send me this [referring to an email blast]. While some voters may think this MRA is a mainstream Repubican group of some sort-and it could be argued as such by some, I think it's the type of group where an endorsement could backfire. In any event, I am still waiting to hear from you about your claims about the Reilly smear campaign and why you spent so many hotel nights in Annapolis.
Finally--he got back to me with the following:To which I replied:

I am sorry, this is the first correspondence that I have received from you? If you emailed me to this address, I am very sorry but it was never forwarded to me. I am happy to answer any questions that you may have. What exactly would you like to know?
James King

Dear Delegate King

I wrote to your state office and left a message there. I have written to you at the campaign address as well. I have also written about you on my blog--and which led clearly to you changing your campaign site information which I had pointed out, was improperly using your state office address and phone number and email. So, I don't really understand how you could not have gotten any messages, especially in light of the fact that there was clearly a relationship between what I wrote on Annapolis Capital Punishment--and an action you took.

And then to say you do not know what questions I have or what I would like to know when this was in the message you admitted receiving:

"In any event, I am still waiting to hear from you about your claims about the Reilly smear campaign and why you spent so many hotel nights in Annapolis."

But beyond that, considering I write a popular blog, a newspaper column and have a radio show and focus on local politics, how come you have not made it a point to communicate with me? Well, I would hope this explains why I wrote--and wrote--and called. If you are running a campaign and are not reading your campaign emails, that would be a challenging situation for a candidate I would think.

I am not taking sides of course, but I can tell you that your opponent has not been hard to contact and has returned calls.

Paul Foer
King has not yet responded  (though he is probably reading this), but, in case you have driven along Ritchie Highway this weekend, you would have noticed all the negative signs up about King's opponent, Ed Reilly. Hundreds of them I would guess, but I stopped counting after a hundred. They line both sides of the green median in Arnold and up to Severna Park. There is no authority line from King, but they read essentially that "Big Ed Reilly= Big Taxes   Enough is Enough" and they are supposedly sponsored by some supposed taxpayer group. Now I doubt that King authorized the creation or installation of the signs--and maybe he knew nothing about them. However, perhaps his campaign should go out and remove them as they will surely be considered to have come from his campaign. Not only that, Saturday nights rain soaked and disfigured every one of the paper signs that will likely soon be littering most of our county--as if their mere placement were not already enough litter.

Such signs are an insult to our intelligence and a visual offense. Whoever puts them up tries to remain stealthy and remains unaccountable. They are negative and unwanted.

NEWS FLASH: A READER HAS JUST INFORMED ME THAT King's authority line is on the signs. You can read about it here:



Cheryl888 said...

I saw what was left of the signs this morning driving down Route 2. Then driving home this afternoon I saw a State Highway Administration truck along with a MD Dept of Correction van with a group of 'helpers' picking up the remains of the signs.

Paul Foer said...

Dear Cheryl

Thansk! Do you think they'll send a bill to the less government, lower taxes Delegate King?

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