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Friday, September 10, 2010

2010 Elections Again....Candidates Who Fear The Media.....Where Are They?

I'm talking about otherwise actively campaigning Maryland Senate candidate James King and Third District Congressional candidate Greg Bartosz. King, who has been a delegate and is a local business owner refuses to respond to phone or email inquiries about the charges he is making against the campaign tactics of his opponent Ed Reilly.

I did manage to speak with Bartosz tracking down his phone number and after he did not respond to emails.  He does not publish his number online. He did not seem too happy about speaking with me and made the false and ironic claim that I had already written my post about him before I spoke with him. Well, how could I speak with him? He has repeatedly refused to answer my questions about why he continues to suggest on his website that his opponent, Jim Wilhelm, will be dropping out of the race. He hinted at things he knew and I did not, including what he apparently believes is some sort of "smoking gun" photo showing Wilhelm holding hands with a woman. He refuses to share the photograph. He also speaks of Wilhelm's supposed financial problems, but Wilhelm has been forthcoming about that and it does not appear to me to be terribly relevant.  Another reporter has contacted me asking how I contacted Bartosz as he is also refusing to communicate with her.

We'll see how this all turns out in a few days. Two of the four seemingly serious candidates will be out of the race--and it will be interesting to see if the loser will endorse and support the victor. There are others who are filed and apparently on the ballot--but where are they??? Specifically, anybody ever seen hide nor hair of John Rea, the perennial candidate who is again supposedly running for Congress???

AND WHILE I AM ON THE THIRD CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT...there is a fellow named Michael Miller, whose biggest claim to fame may be the potential confusion about his name. No, this is not the longstanding Senate President. This is a fellow who takes pains on his website to tell us he is "just an average American guy."  He says that our government "must be taken back by us, the average Americans", and that "it’s time to let the average Americans fix the problem. Let’s be honest, could it possibly get any worse by electing me?"

Well now, this average American guy does have a point there.....I think. But I am a bit worried because he said that his "vote will never be sold to the higher bidder." I mean, is he willing to accept low bid, as with many government contracts?  He reminds us again that "I truly am, in my own mind, an average American."

So far, his online poll has attracted four respondents and the counter shows 1171 visits which sounds below average to me. I sent an email to Miller, got an immediate automatic reply saying he would get back to me within 24 hours. That time has passed. I guess he is an average guy--er politician when it comes to making promises he does not keep. Check it all out at:  http://michaelmillerforcongress.com/6601.html

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