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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Leopold Campaign Calls Shay's Video "Weird and Goofy" But Have You Seen Leopold's Web-site?

Accoding to today's The Capital, David Abrams, a spokesman for County Executive John R. Leopold (who also happens to be spokesman for the campaign) said this in reaction to Green Party County Executive Candidate Mike Shay's video:

"Besides being just weird and goofy, the video's conclusions are completely wrong."

Weird and Goofy, yes but already effective because it has gotten attention--even from Leopold, just as ACP said was necessary for third party and independent candidates to do!

However, if you like weird and goofy, you'll love the County Executive's campaign website, which was featured here at http://annapoliscapitalpunishment.blogspot.com/2010/08/leopolds-interesting-campaign-styleor.html

And just for effect, yes...I am posting his weird and goofy picture here again for your viewing pleasure:

Dontcha just love the way the halo of light touches Leopold's extended arm as he brings the light to the child? Please deliver us into the light Oh Great Father Leopold as you look down upon we the little people from your sanctum on high. Can you say patronizing? Is it a priestly benediction? I dunno, but man, it is weird and goofy. Is Tinkerbell gonna fly out? Is ET inside?

And do you want him touching your child? 

See Shay's video at: http://electmikeshay.com/content/exclusive-video-mike-leads-team-perform-top-kill-operation-local-sewer-outfall and decide what is weirder or goofier.

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