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Friday, September 17, 2010

To James King: It's Beyond Time To Take Your Signs Down!!

A reader reports that signs are still up for the recently defeated James King...AND there is one big one remaining in the front yard of Severna Park Elementary School for King who just suffered a resounding loss in the primaries for State Senate...the sign reads "Less Government, Lower Taxes" in maybe supporting education so he can keep his sign up on public property funded by our taxes? Remember now--the many hundreds of negative signs he staked all up and down the public median on Route 2  had to be removed by the State Highway Administration....let's hear it for less government and lower taxes...except for when it provides taxpayer supported services for politicians who want less government...

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Anonymous said...

Per Anne Arundel County Code, candidates have 7 days from the closing of the polls to remove their signs.

Paul Foer said...

Code or not code they should come down asap--especially in front of a school--and especially a big one in front of a school--and esp[ecially a big one in front of a school which is public property and on behalf of a guy calling for less government and lower taxes who aleady committed such an egregious and offensive violation of every norm by his last minute attack ad signs all over the county which our tax dollars had to remove...AND anonymous comments--identify yourself and provide the code citation thanks

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