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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Final Comments From Readers

Thanks to all the below writers. I'll post more as they are sent in...__________


Thanks for everything you've done on the blog. I look forward to continued reading of your Wednesday column in The Capital. Best wishes and thoughts to you.

Arnold J. Gasper, PMP
443-336-0896 Cell


I just finished reading your column on Alison Asti's absurd and agregious antics. (Yeah, I like to alliterate once in awhile. This time I even had to mis-spell egregious to satisfy my twitch. I think few people would get a chuckle from that....but that you would.)

Thank you for taking her to task on behavior that is truly shocking for someone who is already "an officer of the court" just by being an attorney.

Then there is you. I admire your writing and as one who takes writing seriously, I may appreciate your skill more than most. I hope that skill leads you to a more lucrative career and a continuation of doing something that you obviously enjoy doing.

Best regards,

Alan Hamerstrom

Paul...I think this is really your true calling. For what it's worth here's a letter I sent into The Capital...
Last year I wrote to you criticizing your newspaper and imploring you to take a more proactive role in news reporting particularly as it related to the governance of Annapolis. The Capital did not look into Zina Pierre's background and had dropped the ball in its watchdog role during the Moyer regime. Since that letter, I am happy to state The Capital has done a much better job. The reporting of the overtime fiasco and the ineptitude of City Hall has led to better government. I also want to commend you for the hiring of Paul Foer and his Ninth Ward Column. This is the kind of reporter The Capital needs. He reminds me a lot of Mike Royko who spent a lifetime keeping Chicago politicos on their toes. Mr. Foer as a full time reporter would help The Capital move from simply reporting the news to actually breaking the news story. The Capital plays a vital role in the governance of Annapolis and Anne Arundel County. After all, you are the Fourth Estate.
Dan Koerschner
Annapolis, MD

Allen Colhoun has left a new comment on your post "Today Is Guy Fawkes Day...with lessons still to be...":

Does this mean we get to burn an effigy of you every so often?

See you at the Dirty Buzzard, where ever that was.

Good Luck on whatever is next
Hal Shear
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