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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Yet More Comments From Readers

ACP would like to thank all the readers who have sent in comments expressing their appreciation. I'll continue to publish them as they come in. here are the latest:
You may have silenced your blog, but not your wit and will. Of course, your weekly column in the Capital will give us some guidance and insight into the politics of our area in and around Annapolis.

Your voice will gain expression in another media, soon I hope, because citizens want to hear from you, your views, and your criticism and praise of our leaders.

I look forward to your next gig! 

Anastasia Hopkinson
Paul I just returned from travel to discover the world as I have counted on it has come to an end. I am so very sorry to read that the blog is dead. I think you made such a great contribution to our civic life. You shed light into the dark and dusty corners of our political and civic doings and kept (or tried to keep) politics and elected officials honest. I do worry about who or how that will be done now. You made great personal sacrifices of time and energy and I only wish it didn't have to end for the good of the citizens of the City. But everyone needs to move and grow and you certainly did more than your full share to help the City.

Best wishes, Trudy McFall
Paul, I think the reason I liked your blog was that I was never quite sure which principle, line of reasoning, you would take in dealing with an issue. It was unpredictable which twist or turn you would take because I could never tell which of your principles would trump your other principles as events surfaced. This no doubt made people nervous.

Also, I admired your having analysis and well written
creative thoughts on a daily basis. I blogged the Obama campaign for 3 months in '08. After a time my wife stopped reading it. She said it was"B-O-R-I-N-G".

All the best, Dick Lahn 

Thanks to Dick Lahn for his generous donation through PayPal.


You provided an excellent service for the community. 

Stanford Erickson


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