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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Third Murder This Year in Annapolis: Good Thing We Are Told That Crime is Down!

....and it's only the middle of February!

Annapolis Police Department Public Information Office Media Release

For Additional Information Contact: Officer Hal Dalton (410) 919-7188

Date: February 17th, 2008
Release Time: 06:45 AM


On February 18th, 2008 at approximately 12:30 AM, Annapolis Police Dispatch received a report of shots fired in the 1300 block of Tyler Avenue. Upon officers’ arrival, a victim was found suffering from a gunshot wound(s) inside a car. He was identified as a white male from Severna Park. He was flown to Shock - Trauma in Baltimore, where he succumbed to his injuries at approximately 430 AM. His identity is being withheld at this time pending family notifications.
No suspects or motive are known at this time. The investigation is still in the active initial stages, and further information is either not available or not appropriate for release. This is the third homicide in Annapolis for 2008. ( The first two were a double homicide on January 18th at Bens Drive )

Further information will be disseminated in this same manner when available and appropriate.
Updates are also posted on the web at:


John said...

What's the deal with HRH Moyer refusing to address this unless submitted by e-mail? (Tonight's 2/18 Capital)

Paul Foer said...

John Frenaye: Go and call the mayor and ask, better write, and not an email but a letter. Or write Ray Weaver her press secretary. I did after I had lunch with an employee of the paper who told me about it. Maybe I'll hear something....or maybe not...

ellis said...

I wonder what the weather is like in Paris. hmmmm... I'm sure Moyer knows that more than she knows her own city.

Paul Foer said...

Eliis-Okay! Enough already. We get the point, but let's not blame the mayor every time a crime is committed. After all, she is not the one who gets a gun and shoots someone. Blaming government for everything that goes on--or does not--assigns way too much power to government. Give her a break please. We all have to get involved, work together and build our community. I think that by now, whether she admits it or not, she has gotten the message loud and clear. Let's hope so, at least. Thanks for the comment.

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