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Saturday, March 29, 2008

CP Publisher Paul Foer to Offer Class on Jewish Maritime History

Throughout their long history, the Jewish people have had more than a few celebrated sailors, naval officers, cartographers and even pirates. A whole lot more are mainly known only to scholars and historians.

Local writer and sailor Paul Foer will teach an adult class on Sunday April 6th at 9:30 am at Temple Beth Shalom in Arnold about this fascinating and colorful history from a modern perspective. Beginning with the familiar stories of Noah, Jonah and the baby Moses (whose name means "he who was taken from the water") we will explore King Solomons Navy and Jewish sailors in the Roman Empire, the importance of the "Catalan Map" made by Abraham Cresques and the maritime astrolabe and astronomical tables made by Rabbi Abraham Zacuto.

Among some of the questions we'll explore, for example, is if The Admiral of the Ocean Sea Christopher Columbus/Colon was a "secret" or converso Jew whose family fled the Spanish Inquisition. Was notorious pirate/privateer Jean LaFitte descended from Spanish Jews and were there other Jewish pirates or privateers? Why were events in Brazil in the 17th century so important to American Jewish history? Which three buildings at the Naval Academy named for Jewish Naval officers? Who was the man whose creation of the high speed "Cigarette" boats may have led to his mysterious murder? Which father and son were the first Americans to sail around Cape Horn in a boat under 30 feet? Which Chesapeake Bay boat became a focal point in the movement of Jewish refugees to Israel in 1948? Who was Isaac Solomon after whom Solomons Island, MD is named? Which Jewish officer became the highest ranking captain in the British Royal Navy? These are just some of the many stories to be uncovered in this class. Bring stories of your own to share.

The class is free. No reservations are necessary.
Sunday, April 6th 9:30 am
Temple Beth Shalom
1461 Baltimore Annapolis Blvd.
410 757 0552


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