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Monday, April 28, 2008

A Strong Case for Forced Sterilization.....Three and a half kids....more to come?

This from today's Police Beat Crime Watch Report:

7. UNATTENDED CHILDREN: 4/25 1:57 PM 111 Dogwood Rd. Georgetown East
Elementary School - staff reported finding three students, ages 5, 6 and
8 on the playground. The students had not been in school on this date.
The children told the staff members that their mother did not send them
to school because they did not have clean uniforms. They also said that
they had been left alone in their house today. Officers responded and
found the mother at home. She said indeed she didn*t send the kids to
school due to lack of clean clothes. She said missing one day of school
would not hurt them. She was told that they were too young to be walking
alone and out and about alone. She dismissed this, saying that they
walked to and from school everyday. She said she refuses to walk them to
school because she is 7 months pregnant, and that the school should
provide a bus. She said that she had not left them alone, but that they
had just walked out on their own.
Social Services was notified and opened an investigation. (08-002406)

CP notes she's seven months pregnant. She should have taken the school bus...on a really bumpy ride....months ago....(You have the right to a diaphragm. If you cannot afford a diaphragm, one will be provided to you....with instructions.....if you cannot use a diaphragm, we will tie your tubes for you....) I know the rightwingers will get me for this one, but is this not a strong case for sex education, providing contraception and making affordable abortion easy and accessible? Sooner or later, everybody has to take responsibility for themselves, but this mother appears to have missed that lesson...


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